Many people are indeed thirsty for success, but not many have the knowledge of all it takes to be successful. They hardly know that a positive self-image and attitude are very crucial to how far they can go in life, whether in their career, business, relationships, etc.

Successful people in the world over have a particular way of thinking and interpreting situations. In other words, they have a positive thought pattern and behaviour in all their endeavours. This extraordinary way of perceiving things is regarded as a positive attitude. Attitude is crucial to your preparation for significant achievements in life that the assertion that you are only an attitude away from the attainment of your success is often employed to reinforce this fact.

Positive Mental Attitude

To be able to achieve greatly in life, you need a deeper form of positive attitude, which is a positive mental attitude. According to Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone, the co-authors of Success through Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe can be achieved. The all-important key to success is a positive mental attitude, structurally woven into the acronym PMA. With a positive mental attitude, you can convert your creative thinking, artistic talent, knowledge, personality and physical energy into success, wealth, health and happiness. You will meet the most important living person suddenly, surprisingly, and with a shock of recognition, that will change your whole life. When you meet him, you will discover his secret. You will find that he carries with him an invisible talisman with the initials PMA emblazoned on one side and NMA on the other. Hill & Stone assert that this invisible talisman has two incredible powers; the power to attract success, happiness and health, and the power to repel these good things of life and rob you of all that makes life worth living. It is the first of these powers, the PMA that enables men to climb to the top and stay there, while second power, that is the Negative Mental Attitude (NMA) is what keeps other people struggling to reach the top.

Small Adjustment

At times, what you need to be able to paddle to the shore of your achievement is just a little adjustment. Little wonder then that Wayne Cordeiro, author of Attitudes that Attract Success, maintains that many people and not that far from a life of joy and success, and that with just a little adjustment, life would come in loud and clear for them. Cordeiro holds that your attitude is where that small change must be made because your attitude can mean the difference between success and failure. The difference in people is very small, but the very small difference is very big indeed. Cordero writes that he loves to watch people, especially folks successful in business, relationships, and finances and he realised that their success was hinged on a positive attitude. Success does not happen by accident; people do not just stumble on it by chance. In short, what a willing student of life needs to do is examining the solid reasons for the success of successful people, and learn that anyone can develop an attitude that attracts success.

Greater Importance

Your attitude is more important than you will ever realise. It is the most important thing about you. It is more important than your education, your past, your looks or your money. Cordeiro says your attitude will help make help you make friends or cause you to make enemies. In other words, it will attract people to you or repel them. Your attitude is even more important than your skills in determining your ability to succeed. John Rockefeller corroborated this assertion thus, “I will pay a man more for his attitude and his ability to get along with others than any other skill he may possess.” According to Cordeiro, “No one has been given an unalterable attitude. You can change, but it’s up to you. Decide now how you want to approach life and develop that kind of attitude. A new attitude doesn’t happen on its own. You must develop it, and the sooner you begin, the better.” Some people hide behind the excuse that they cannot change, but it is never too late to change, particularly when that change is indispensable to growth.

Positive and Assertive Personality

By way of analytical amplification, you can develop within yourself positive and assertive personality traits through a simple self-development programme. Dr. Walter Doyle Staples, in his book, Power to Win, states that, “You will see how positive assertive people are more likely to engage in meaningful and satisfying one-on-one encounters with others, as well as to exploit the powers of their subconscious mind for the benefit of themselves, their family, friends, associates, and society as a whole.” Staples adds that the terms positive and assertive are complimentary, explaining that positive implies constructed affirmation and assertive means active declaration. Positive and assertive behaviour is evident in personal communication that is open, direct and honest; and it demonstrates that you are willing to assert your rights in the proper circumstances and in an appropriate way, while at the same time recognising and respecting the rights of others. 

Determination of Altitude

According to the renowned American psychologist, Dr William James, “Your attitude in life will always determine your altitude.” By logical implication, the more positive and triumphant your attitude is, the much higher you can fly as regards achievement. A positive attitude is central to being able to withstand the challenges, competition, frustration, discouragement, etc. on your way to the top. According to Rick Warren, the author of The Purpose Driven Life, your thinking determines your feelings, and your feelings, in turn, influence your actions. Consequently, your attitude in life is determined by how you think, implying there you have a choice to determine the type of attitude you desire to radiate

Positive Self-image

Another factor very crucial to your success in life is a positive self-image. Little wonder then that Dr Norman Vincent Peale, author of the positive way to change your life says that there is a tendency in human nature to ultimately become precisely like that which we imagine or imagine ourselves as being. Peale stresses that imaging is positive thinking carried one step further. We are what we think, and while a positive attitude of the mind can literally change your life, a negative frame of mind will ultimately destroy you. The concept of imaging is a form of mental activity that consists of vividly picturing your conscious mind, a desired goal or objective, and holding that image until it sinks into your unconscious mind, where it releases great untapped energies. When imaging is applied steadily and systematically, it solves problems, strengthens personalities, improves health, and greatly enhances the chances of success in any endeavour.

Stress and Self- Image

Another dimension to self-image is its effect on stress. In his famous masterpiece titled Pyscho Cybernetics, Maxwell Maude argues that self-image is the conception of the sort of person we are. According to medical experts, the perception of your value and competence is crucial to how you deal with challenges and your capacity to handle stress. They reflect that if you value yourself and have a realistic sense of your abilities and competence, you are likely to feel good about yourself and this will help you deal with stress in a confident way. If you feel worthless and incompetent, you will have less confidence in your ability to face challenges in a productive way. Most people’s feelings and thoughts about themselves fluctuate somewhat based on their daily experiences, the worthiness component of self-esteem is more than feeling good about oneself. According to Dr Tosin Odunsi, “it reflects on how a person lives up to certain fundamental human values, such as finding meaning in life that fosters human growth and making commitments to them in a way that leads to a sense of integrity and satisfaction. Self-esteem, therefore, may be viewed as a person’s overall judgement of himself about self-competence and self-worth based on reality.”

Related Theory

Stephen Berglas in his concept of Chronic Time Abuse says that a related theory about the origins of perfectionism (the act of wanting to do something in an extremely and often abnormally perfect way), concentrates on the development of self-esteem. The cardinal law of psychiatry is that parents must respond to a child with respect and empathy if the child is to acquire a healthy sense of self-worth in life. Otherwise, the child would develop so-called narcissistic vulnerabilities that drive a person to seek escape through grandiose fantasies and a sense of entitlement.

Self-Image and Personal Development

According to Staples on the importance of self-image to personal development, personal development is important from a personal and professional point of view. Your happiness depends on it, as does the happiness of those close to you. Your self-image is an integral part of your personality, and it is your idea of all and what you think you are. It is a private opinion you hold of yourself in the light of your past successes and failures. The way you think about yourself is very much dependent on your ability to exercise personal power successfully in your life.

Last Words

Now that you are aware of the importance of a positive attitude and self-image to your pervasive achievements in life, I would like to advise you to make conscious efforts and develop these habits that enduring success can be yours.


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