The Nigerian Dream

I believe God for a better Nigeria, and there is just one question I wish to ask. We have heard that there is an American dream and that certain things can happen to an individual in the United States of America which would be referred to as the fulfilment of the American dream. Now the big question is: what is the Nigerian dream? What is the Nigerian vision? Simply put, where are we going? Twenty to thirty years down the line, where would we be? Have we decided? Obviously not. The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step in the right direction. This country is like an aircraft that can accommodate 150 million people, including the pilots who have not decided where to go. What is the Nigerian dream?

Vision is the Basic Ingredient for the Creation of Anything. There is nothing man has created that did not exist first as a mental picture in somebody’s mind. The constituent parts of this country must agree to create a new Nigeria in our minds. It must be a Nigeria where everybody can fulfil his dreams whatever part of the country he may come from.

Vision is the Main Characteristics of a Leader. A leader sees farther and further than everybody else. We have an equation in the story of creation in the Bible. By faith, we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God so that the things which are seen were not made from the things which are visible (Hebrews 11:3). We can safely conclude that the Word of God must have been the product of the thought of God. What you think is what you say. The earth was without form and void with darkness covering the face of the deep, before God said, “Let there be …” God saw. While there was darkness in the natural, He looked at the situation and saw the potential for light. Water covered the entire land surface, but God saw mountains, hills, and valleys. He saw trees, flowers and fruits. In fact, God saw the whole of nature as we have it now. What he saw was what he called out, “Let there be light.” You see, this world would never move forward without the help of those who can see glory in the midst of shame. Those who see the light amid darkness. So, God had a dream. He had a vision and as the saying goes, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…” The beauty of your future is in the beauty of your dreams, and your future is in your picture.

Everything Begins with a Vision. There is a connection between the word provision and vision. Provision is a compound word that includes “pro” and “vision.” “Pro” means “for” or “towards.” Therefore, provision means for or towards the vision. The moment a dream or a vision takes ownership in your heart or mind, the resources needed to make that vision a reality begins to flow towards your life. In fact, some don’t flow towards you; you just suddenly recognise them. They have been there all the while. If you don’t have an accurate picture of who or what you are looking for, when you meet it, you want to recognise it. Most of the time, we have opportunities around us, but we don’t recognise them because they don’t fit with the picture within or there is no picture within to give us a sense of recognition that this is what we are looking for. You don’t legitimately prosper beyond the quality of your dreams. Vision is the necessary ingredient for creativity.

The Creation of a new Nigerian Nation Must Begin with a New Vision. That is why we are asking what the Nigerian vision is. The reason why our generation especially would want to run out of this country is that we can’t see a better country. But there is a better country coming. We must stop confessing that we are a 3rd World country because the 1st and 3rd Worlds are the creation of men. God never created the 3rd World, and if you have thought about it very well, you would have noticed there isn’t a 2nd World.

We Should Stop Confessing that We are Poor. It has since been discovered that a poor person is not the one that does not have money but the person that does not have an idea. What is an idea? A vision is the biblical account of creation. God did not have any money to start with. So, if not having money is what makes a person poor, God himself was poor. However, everybody knows that God cannot be broke. So, he must have had some other things that are superior to money that makes Him rich. If we can have what God has, we too can be rich even though we don’t have a dime in our pockets.

It is Time we Stopped Listening to the Fallacies Read by the Natural Parameters for Measuring the Poverty Level of a Country. As far as God is concerned, those parameters may be wrong. Nigeria is not one of the poorest countries in the world: it is one of the richest if only you and I can have a vision of wealth in this nation. And I see wealth. I have chosen to see a good fortune. We are taking it from the personal level to the national level. I see a new Nigeria evolving in your lifetime and mine. Our grandchildren will thank God for our generation. If we can leave a vision for them, we have left them provision because vision will always attract provision.

I have been thinking lately and asking, “what legacy would our children leave for our children?” The Nigeria of today is what the older generation has left us; that is what it is, and the big question is what would we leave for the next generation?

You and I must stop making negative confessions about this country. The moment you believe you are outclassed, you are. I don’t believe that living in Nigeria makes one less of a human being. God is no respecter of persons. In any nation, whoever fears God will eventually be honoured and lifted by him. It’s our turn to be blessed.

I am proud to be a Nigerian!





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