I first came across this phrase from Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, a great prophet of God. It was also used as the theme for the prophetic conference held at Ghana Police Church, Accra, Ghana, with Sadhu Selvaraj being the speaker (

This phrase is an apt description for the end time army of the Lord, which is the army that Prophet Joel described in the book of Joel 2: 28-29. This end time army of the Lord cuts across all classes of people: the servants, the handmaidens, sons, daughters, old men and young men, and it signifies the free outpouring of the Spirit of God as described in the book of Acts 2: 17-21.

What then are the characteristics of these nameless, faceless and selfless army of God? They are not limited to the following:

  1. This army as the name implies is nameless: They have no name or no known name. They operate incognito. This army is not about making a name for themselves or making headlines. Their motive is simply to spread the Good News with all its attendant benefits, g., salvation, setting the captives free, holiness unto the Lord, healing, etc. This army does not care if the credits are not given to them for any spiritual milestone they achieve, instead, they only care that the name of the Lord is glorified. Acts 4: 10-12 and Micah 6: 8.
  2. This army is faceless: They are nondescript, meaning ordinary people having no exciting or unique features at face value. They do not put their face out there deliberately. They are not interested in becoming spiritual superstars. They only want the Lord to be magnified. Just as John the Baptist said, “he must increase while I decrease.” They recognize that it is not a “show” about themselves, but it is all about the lost souls that must be won unto the Lord. John 3: 30.
  3. This army is selfless: This means being more concerned about the needs and welfare of others than theirs. They are unselfish. They know that their calling is a big responsibility which is more important than their ambitions and even their very lives. Therefore, self always takes a backseat with this army. They are sold out unto the Lord and understand the scripture about taking up one’s cross and following the Lord. They are willing to give up anything and everything no matter how precious, that they may do the will of the Master. Mark 10: 21.
  4. This army is separated from the systems of the world: They will not follow the status quo if it is not in tandem with the word of God. This army stands tall and can stand alone for Christ, and they are willing to sacrifice their very lives that they may not compromise their faith. 1 John 2: 15.
  5. This army knows who they are in Christ Jesus: They know their identity as children of God and are not influenced to change their Christlike identity. They are a chosen people special to God and do not need human validation. They are united with the Lord and are one with Him in Spirit – 1 Corinthians 6: 17; 1 Peter 2: 9.
  6. This army is not driven by pride or vainglory and by the need to be seen, known and heard. They are humble and have the demeanour of a sheep, but they are as bold as lions and do not fear anything and do not back down when confronted by the enemy. Galatians 5: 26; Proverbs 28: 1.
  7. This army is not corrupt, and neither are they driven by the love of money: They recognize that money is simply a tool to be used for the spread of the gospel and not a god to be worshipped. They do not compromise their values or the message of the Lord for material gains. They trust in the Lord to meet their needs. Matthew 6: 24; 1 Timothy 6: 10; Philippians 4: 19.
  8. This army is strong and does not falter: They are sure of their calling and election because they did not call themselves but the Lord God himself did and they, therefore, do exploits in His name. Despite the mighty feats they do, this army does not glory in them, because they recognize those exploits were not done by their power or their might but by the Spirit of God. Zechariah 4: 6.
  9. This army is not whitewashed sepulchres as Jesus described the scribes and Pharisees of His time. The walk in the Spirit and have an intimate relationship with the Lord. Their lifestyle reflects Christ in them at all times. They know the value of walking in holiness before the Lord and do not mess around or remain in the valley of secret sins. Galatians 5: 16; Hebrews 12: 14.
  10. This army is prophetic as described in the book of Joel because they dream dreams, see visions and revelations and they prophesy. They do all these by the Spirit of the Lord. They are not like false prophets who prophesy for gain. Instead, they are a mouthpiece of the Lord and speak only what the Lord has put in their mouth to speak and reveal only visions and revelations the Lord has directed them to publish. This is for the name of the Lord to be revered and for His will and counsel to be done in the lives of men. Jeremiah 15: 19; 1 Corinthians 14: 24-25.

In conclusion, the Lord is raising an end time army for Himself. An army that as Archbishop Sam Amaga would say, “is strong in faith, empowered by wisdom, intimate with the Holy Ghost and doing exploits for God.”

May we be part of this end-time army of Lord in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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    Rebecca S
    6th July 2020

    This is a tremendously helpful and insightful article. God used this to answer my question of what the Nameless and Faceless Generation meant. Thank you so much. God bless you all

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