The Mercy of God Never Changes

How can God choose one person over the other? We were all created to be equal, but God in His sovereignty decided to choose Jacob, the younger, over Esau, the elder. God says it clearly that he will have mercy upon whom He will have mercy. You need to earnestly ask for his mercy because it is not by your might or power. It is not according to riches. A lot of rich men have expired over the ages but the mercy of God is from generation to generation. It does not expire. Declare it now over your life.

Pharaoh was created just like anybody but God decided to harden his heart so that he would be destroyed. I pray for you today that your heart is not hardened. It is not according to beauty, riches or intelligence. God can decide to elevate a pauper from unknown to known overnight.

Ecclesiastes 9:11, states that your time and opportunity will come. All the lost opportunities of previous years will fully be restored this year in Jesus’ name. In Mark 10:46-52, Blind Bartimaeus had been forgotten by his kith and kin. He sat by the wayside and the crowd pressed all around him, yet he strove to raise his voice to attract the attention and mercy of the Messiah. Sometimes there are hindrances to serving and worshipping God but when you focus on serving Him, He will show mercy to you. He will rescue you from every adverse situation in your life and relieve your burden. Today, the mercy of God will cover you in the name of Jesus.

David was just a shepherd. He was the least regarded of his family hence the decision to send him out to go and tend the sheep where he was promptly forgotten by all. When the day for David’s elevation came, he was remembered (1 Samuel 16: 10-13). The Lord will recognise and anoint us. May God have mercy on us and remember us in Jesus’ name. Our name will be will be advertised and recognised throughout the entire world and will receive an outstanding ovation. The forgotten David had all protocols suspended for him until he was brought in from the fields. His fortunes turned around in the space of few hours. In the morning, he was a shepherd, but he went to bed that same night anointed as a king. David was not at all in the lineage of kingship, but God in his mercy decided to anoint him even while there was a reigning king on the throne. It does not matter what your physical condition or situation is; the Lord had declared that you will fulfil your destiny.

Whatever names your parents have called you, because of the mercy of God, your name will change (1 Chronicles 4: 9-10). Your story will no longer be sorrowful but would rather change to palatable. Sometimes we bear the burden of sorrowful names. The One who has the power to show mercy and compassion will show you mercy and compassion and convert your name to sweetness, laughter and joy.

The man at the Pool of Bethsaida had been there for over thirty-eight years until the Lord came to meet him (John 1:5-8). God will meet you at the point of need in your lives, finances, marriages, careers, business and families in Jesus’ name. The man at the Pool of Bethsaida had no godfather. There was nobody to mount him in the water whenever the angel stirred the water. The enemy decided to wreck him. For thirty-eight years, there was nothing achieved in his life. It was a truncated destiny until the Son of God came to him. He did not have a godfather but he experienced the direct touch of God, the Father. There were seven hindrances to the realisation of this man’s destiny.

  • He was alone.
  • Nobody to help him.
  • Nobody to put him in the water.
  • While he was coming.
  • Another takes his place.
  • That person steps into the water.
  • That person receives his healing.

However myriad may be the challenges to the realisation of your destiny and hindrance to your full service to God, those hindrances will be removed today in the name of Jesus. The mercy of God will never expire over us; just propose in your heart to continue to serve God.

The mercy of God can, however, elude you if you have not accepted Jesus into your heart. John 15:5 tells us clearly that without God, we can do nothing. The Lord Almighty will help you. His assurance in Isaiah 41:10 is that He will help us. He will be merciful unto us, but we will need to draw near to him so that He can draw near to us and show us mercy.

Today is the day of salvation. Heaven rejoices over the redemption of a single soul. If you have not experienced salvation before or if perhaps you have backslidden, please heed this call and come to the throne of grace.

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