However good your product or services, do not expect that customers will come falling over themselves to buy from you stop it does not work like that. Goods are sold not bought.

The responsibilities more on the side of the seller and not on that of the buyer. There are too many things competing for the attention of those who need your goods. It is your responsibility to be proactive. I am suggesting that you be proactive and take the initiative. If you have to offer goods or products or services or ideas, be proactive. Some of us are having problems because we think that just by opening our doors and putting signboards outside, people will come rushing into our shops. It does now work their way because many things are competing for their attention. Unfortunately, your competition may be very aggressive. The essence of what I am saying is that you should not think that because you opened a shop, people would troop in. It is not your shop that they need. You have to bring what you are selling to their attention.

Remember, goods are sold and not bought, and your business would not do better than your ability to sell. This is one of the most critical skills we must develop in Nigeria today. You have to ask people to buy. Seek customers. Some people have something to offer, and they talk about it with their customers, but they never hit the nail on the head and asked them to buy.

I will also say that whatever it is that you want to offer, please shoot for excellence in your ability to sell. There are lots of people who are trying to sell things. Cultivate excellent selling skills. Please buy books on marketing. Such books do not attract attention, but they are the key things. Selling is a field that has been researched. There are recorded thousands of hours of MP4 and 3 files formats on the techniques of sale by some of the world’s best salespeople. They have run research and try to establish standard principles that govern selling. It will make a world of difference if you go for such materials.

If you have salespeople in your organisation, teach them how to handle rejection. You will hear many Nos before you make one Yes. Statistics in the US has also proven that for those in the insurance industry, you will have one yes out of sixty attempts. When you have already prepared your mind to hear NO fifty-nine times, you are better positioned than somebody who is now aware of that fact. But of course, you will discover with time that one sale will more than compensate for the fifty-nine rejections. Many people fail because they cannot handle rejection.

Sometimes ago, I went into my library and picked a book on selling I was scanning through it; I saw that 80% of sales are made after the fifth call. I said to myself, “This is it!” It brought a revolution to our work. I will say again, whatever it is that you are selling, please shoot for excellence.

You will succeed!

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