About the Author

Dr Peter Hirsch, the author of Success by Design is a man who worked his way up the heights of business and personal success. Thereafter, he had an encounter with God, and his life became transformed for the better. Hirsch was born into a Jewish family. He studied in Yeshiva (Schools of Advanced Jewish Learning) for many years both in the United States and Israel. After bagging a degree in Law, he worked for a prestigious law firm and then discovered that he had no passion for the practice of the profession. Since 1992, Hirsch has consulted for many Fortune 500 Companies and developed sales organisations. As President of Peter Hirsch International, he is a reputable motivational speaker and sales trainer that is in high demand all over the world. Hirsch and his family live in Dallas, Texas, where he is a rabbi on staff at Baruch HaShem Synagogue, one of the largest Messianic synagogues in the world.

About the Book

The book shares with you, the steps you should take and why you should take them. It offers clear insights, thoughts, as well as directions that will make a difference in life. The author presents the personification of success and reveals ten Biblical secrets of success with strategies for implementing them. The author assures that the secrets postulated have been put to test and will radically change the life of whoever utilises them. These ten secrets are:

  • Challenge
  • Belief
  • Purpose
  • Fearlessness
  • Attitude
  • Focus
  • Commitment
  • Desire
  • Goals
  • Choice

Book Structure

Chapter One is on Challenge, the first secret of success. There is a possibility of success by design. All that one has to do is develop the challenge and play with it. Challenge is a catalyst for success. The author challenges the reader to be all that he can be and much more. Meeting challenge head-on is joy. Some people hold challenge as an undesirable nuisance or worse, a thing to be avoided at any and all costs because it’s too much work which is a shame. Challenges make you strong by exercising your creative mental and emotional muscles.

Chapter Two is based on the identified second success secret which is Belief. When we believe something, what we really believe is that a thing is possible. Impossibility might simply be defined as the absence of positive belief. The more certain that you feel that a thing is possible for you, the stronger will be your belief and the less darkness will you have. Conversely, you can weaken or even kill a belief by introducing doubt, which is like black paint. Belief, on the other hand, is like white paint. Your beliefs define your destiny.

In Chapters Three to Six, the author examines success secrets such as Purpose, Fearlessness, attitude and Focus.

Chapter Seven notionally x-rays the seventh success secret which is Commitment. Once you are committed, success will surely come your way. Until one is committed, there is always hesitancy and the chance to drawback. Commitment is the secret ingredient in every recipe of success, and once you are committed to something, it always happens no matter how long it takes, no matter what else happens; no matter what! Commitment is not necessarily a do or die affair. You do not have to throw yourself onto railroad tracks in service of your goal to prove that you’re committed to it. And you don’t need to commit hara-kiri if you fail to reach a declared goal, when or how you said that you would.

Chapters Eight to Ten sequentially examine success secrets eight to ten, that is desire, Goals and Choice. Going by the way of Biblical allusion, the author quotes Joshua 24:15. The tenth success secret of Choice is the simplest of all secrets, yet it is the most powerful because it is one that you must exercise to gain access to all the other nine. It is simply the knowledge – not only in theory or in a period of reflection, by moment by moment throughout the day and it is up to you. Unlike other creatures on the face of the earth, man has been gifted with the dignity of choice.

Book Review

The author’s efforts are commendable in the compendium of success tips. The language employed is simple and the syntax well ordered. To achieve concrete conviction and motivation, the author makes use of abundant Biblical allusions and autobiographical effects. There is also the use of precis quotes to radiate the major notional flesh of every chapter. What’s more, Hirsch includes practice exercises, especially in Chapters Three and Four to encourage readers’ practical participation and application. The title of the book is short, enticing and autobiographically suggestive.

Are you ready to achieve enviable success? If that is your lifelong aspiration, you need to read this textual masterpiece.

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