1. Embrace God-Coping Strategies: With God on our side, problems have expiration dates. The Bible tells us that the way of the Lord is a refuge for the righteous (Proverbs 10: 29). God will give you the wisdom to deal with every problem that comes your way. When we receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, God comes to live within us by his Holy Spirit, and one of his purposes is to help us face and cope with painful times (1 Peter 5: 7).
  2. Exercise Regularly: Medical evidence proves that regular exercise is right for your health and produces a powerful anti-depressant-like effect on your brain, which helps you cope with stress.
  3. Breathe Deeply and Slowly When Tensed: Take some deep breaths through your nose and then release it slowly before you react to a stressful and angry situation. Deep, slow abdominal breathing and chill-out time can be a useful stress ending tool.
  4. Take Walks: Walk, cycle or stroll around the countryside or your neighbourhood if you live in an urban area. Find quiet backstreets but also be conscious that you do not walk into gang dens where you may easily be robbed and assaulted. Walking or strolling offers a perfect opportunity for meditation. For a Christian, meditation is about chewing on the Word of God, as a ruminant would chew on cud. When I take walks, I think about what God has done in my life and His assurances that He will fight my battles. I imagine a huge God who towers over every negative situation in my life, and this helps to lower cortisol (stress hormones) levels. A ten minutes’ walk a day can make all the difference in reducing stress.
  5. Sleep More: Early to bed, and early to rise; makes a man healthy and wealthy and wise. Do you remember the nursery rhyme which is loaded with nothing but the truth? A pattern of early sleep, devoid of alcohol and coffee during the day is bound to decrease stress. Before sleeping, read your Bible and pray. Discard all the challenges you encountered during the day and focus on the promises and assurances of God concerning them. Above all, forgive and forget all the hurts of the day. Let the sun no go down with your anger. Avoid late-night horror movies.
  6. Get Social: God created man to relate with others. Isolation should never be a permanent lifestyle. The fear of getting hurt has often pushed people into isolation. However, getting social can ease stress. Join a church, attend fellowships and relate with people who share your values, particularly your faith. The workplace may not be the best place for socialising as there are limits and other ethical considerations that limit relating.
  7. Set Goals Daily and Manage Your Time: Proper goal setting and time management is a proper way to decongest your mind and reduce stress. Make a list of what you hope to achieve each day and then start with the most challenging task. As you tick a task off your list, the feeling of satisfaction will ease stress in your body.

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