About the Authors

The authors of the above-captioned book (James J. Semradek Jnr. And Michael P. Butler) are experienced, management consultants.

Semradek has over forty years of diverse business experience and dreamt of being an entrepreneur from the time that he was in high school. His experience includes over twenty-five years as a management consultant to some of the largest companies in the world including General Motors, Caterpillar, ConAgra, John Deere, Bosch, Cooper Tire, Kimberly Clark, and many others. Semradek & Butler Inc. reflects the culmination of his efforts at achieving his entrepreneurial dream of being a successful businessman able to balance the competing demands of life while focusing time and money on reaching out to others.

Butler, on the other hand, has over 13 years of business experience, primarily as a management consultant. While working together for PHH Fantus, Butler and Semradek saw the potential to provide excellent client service while achieving their dreams, which led them to create their own company. Over the past eight years, Butler and Semradek have worked as equal partners to provide value-added service to their clients and pursue a balanced lifestyle.

About the Book

The book shows a pathway through a more productive and fulfilling life by showing how to balance both a satisfying career and a meaningful personal life. Through the principles offered, they illustrate how to become a successful entrepreneur or intrapreneur, as well as reflecting that the key to a dynamic career is a healthy balance between work and personal time. You can discover your strengths and dreams through self-examination. The book shows how to choose a low risk, high-value business to pursue, how to cast a vision for your life, and how to lead a conservative lifestyle while leveraging time and money for good. Additionally, the book teaches how to adhere to values and ethics in business as well as how to regularly measure success. Through the application of the principles identified, these authors assure discovery on how to create dreams, enriched with purpose, meaning and personal satisfaction.

The authors admit that they learnt a lot through trial and error but they also did a lot of things right along the way which made a profound difference for them individually and for their company. They discovered that the path to a balanced, fulfilling and rewarding life would emerge from combining a professional life and a meaningful personal life. Entrepreneurship is the vehicle that allows them to do this. The authors present a unique perspective in the book by moulding business, lifestyle issues and powerful, life-changing principles.

Structurally speaking, the book is segmented into three sections of 10 chapters.

Chapter Summaries

Chapter One – Your Place in the Future: There is an acknowledgement that the business landscape has changed ad continues to change rapidly. While this may initially seem a bit unsettling, it is actually an awesome chance to jump in and do things you wouldn’t have been able to do five or ten years ago. The trends driving the changes in business offer you a unique opportunity to create the future you want to have. Understanding these trends will help you as you implement the seven principles for creating your future.

Chapter Two – An Impassioned Life: We all wrestle with achieving the balance we want in life while pursuing our dreams and meeting the practical needs of every daily living. At the same time, most of us are constantly seeking a higher purpose to make our lives truly meaningful. For a variety of reasons, people of all ages and from a wide range of backgrounds are finding that they want or need to define a new path for their lives.

Chapter Three – Know Yourself: The chapter examines the first principle for creating your future. Know your strengths, weaknesses, dreams, and passions. Many people go through life and never understand who they are, what their dreams are, and what meaning they want their life to have. To be truly happy and to achieve success as you define it, you have to know yourself. If you don’t know yourself, how can you possibly determine where our going? And if you don’t know where you are going, how can you possibly develop a plan to get there?

Chapters Four – Eight: These chapters examine the concepts of selecting the right opportunity, casting the vision, leading a conservative life and leveraging your money and time for good, integrating work and family, and adhering to values.

Chapter Nine – advises that you measure your success regularly.

Chapter Ten – Listen Up and Learn: Reflecting on the past is a marvellous instructor. In essence, you need to take time to look back and to learn from this reflection then you need to incorporate these lessons in planning for a successful future. It requires seeking wisdom and listening, and then adjusting to stay on course and arrive at the proper destination.

Book Evaluation and Review

Semaradex and Butler’s efforts are commendable in the book. Apart from the logical representation of ideas, the language employed is complimentary in that it radiates simplicity and good order. To ensure easy conviction and analytical concreteness, the authors use their personal experiences to illustrate which has a kind of autobiographical effects that is very potent. They also make use of Biblical and literary/classical allusions. A summary section is equally included in each chapter for analytical recapitulation and easy understanding.

On a note of analytical finality, implement the seven principles in your life and you will create the life you want, with the balance you want, while pursuing your dreams to the extreme. To be able to deploy these principles accurately, you need to get a copy of the motivational text.

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