The book of Proverbs is one of my favourite books of the Bible. It consists of wisdom keys for every circumstance of life on a day to day basis. In Proverbs Chapter Six Verses Sixteen to Nineteen, seven things are listed as abominations before the Lord.

This brings us to the question what an abomination is. An abomination is something that is forbidden, something unheard of, something horrible and shocking to the ears. Carrying out an act that is an abomination to the Lord is tantamount to deliberately disobeying the Lord and not respecting his authority over our lives.

Let us look at the seven things the Lord called abominations in the book of Proverbs. They are as follows:

  1. A Proud Look: This refers to the sin of pride. Pride is thinking of yourself more highly than you ought to think. An arrogant person is someone who feels/thinks he/she has it all and does not need God in his life. A lot of believers are walking in pride without even realising Pride was the reason that God drove Satan out of heaven (Isaiah 14: 12-15). God will not tolerate a proud person. He gives grace to the humble but resists the proud (James 4: 6). Pride makes a person to push the Lord to the background and make a boast of what he or she can accomplish by his physical and mental abilities. It makes a person refuse to recognise the fact that any achievement in one’s life is never by his power alone but by the mercy of God. An example is Herod who basked in the praise men gave him and did not give glory to God. God will never share His glory with any man (Acts 12: 21-23).
  2. A Lying Tongue: A lie is a falsehood; anything that is not the truth. The Bible tells us that satan is the father of all lies and there is no truth in him. Every time we lie we are acting like the father of lies. One of the ways satan has kept the children of God in the bondage of lies is to tell them that some things are not really lies but rather half truths. We must not fall into that trap because in the eyes of God anything that is not the truth is a lie. Also, believers are sometimes conned into telling lies to magnify the name of the Lord, especially when giving testimonies. Please, and please, the Lord does not need our help to be God Almighty. With or without us, He is God all by himself. Examples are prophets or pastors who lie because they want to promote the works of the Lord in their assembly, but in fact are only looking out for their bellies (Jeremiah 23: 21-26).
  3. Hands that Shed Innocent Blood: Many believers will quickly distance themselves from this particular abomination, by claiming they have never killed any one. But we must look deeply at this abomination. Are we in any way aiding or abetting the loss of innocent lives? Have we taken time to check our work places to know their inclinations? Is the organisation we are working for pro-life? A believer must settle this issue in his or her conscience in line with the word of God. He shouldn’t look the other way and claim he is not involved.
  4. A Heart that Deviseth Wicked Imaginations: This means the clandestine planning and plotting of evil deeds that will be detrimental to anyone. As believers, we must carefully weigh our thoughts and our motives. The Bible tells us that the heart of man is deceitful and wicked (Jeremiah 17: 9). We must ask ourselves over and over again about what we plan to achieve by some actions we take or decisions we make. Are we sincere or is there a darker/sinister plot in us that makes us want to frustrate or humiliate another person? We should always remember that the Lord judges us by the plans and purpose of our hearts (Jeremiah 17: 10). While our reason for doing something may not be visible to others, the Lord God Almighty knows our real An example is when Judas kissed Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. To the others, it looked like a harmless greeting, but Jesus recognised what he had done(Matthew 26: 48-49). Another example is when David ordered that Uriah be put on the front line of the battle(2 Samuel 11: 14-15). God knew why he took that decision and punished him accordingly.
  5. Feet That are Swift in Running to Mischief: This refers to people who take delight in carrying out all sorts of wrongdoing. They know that what they are doing is wrong but still go ahead with it. They derive fun from their mischief and like to create chaos for their benefit. An example is found in the book of Mark Chapter Fourteen Verse One, where the Chief Priest and scribes sought for a way to take Jesus by their craftiness and put him to death. In today’s world, this act is called setting someone up. We see this happening even in the house of the Lord where out of insecurity a fellow believer can set up his brother or brethren to fail or is quick to make mischief out of a situation that could ordinarily be settled Another example is Elymas, who tried through mischief to keep the Deputy from the truth of the word of God and also perverted the right ways of the Lord (Acts 13: 8-10).
  6. A False Witness that Speaketh Lies: A witness is one who is called upon to give a testimony about a situation he or she observed. A witness’ testimony in his or her own words is very crucial in affecting the decision that will be taken concerning a matter. With the above explanation, it is undeniable that the testimony of a witness is very critical as it can make or mar a person’s destiny or future. A false witness gives wrong information and a tainted testimony (Exodus 20: 16; Proverbs 21: 28). Many believers will quickly say that they have never been called to a court of law to be a witness concerning a person or people standing trial. Brethren, it is not only when we go to a courtroom that we are witnesses. That casual unconfirmed story about a sister or brother that we bandy around makes us false witnesses. Also, making unsavoury comments about another person makes us false witnesses because we have spoken without any evidence and portrayed the person in a bad light. An example in the Bible is the false witnesses that testified against Stephen and caused him to be stoned to death (Acts 6: 12-14). Another example is the false witnesses paid to lie against the disciples that they stole Jesus body from his tomb. Till date, many Jews still believe this false testimony and are missing out on salvation because of this story (Matthew 28 vs 11-15).
  7. He that Soweth Discord Among Brethren: Discord refers to disunity, quarrels or “bad blood.” It is an unhealthy condition for brethren to be in, be it church brethren or family brethren. God wants believers and relatives to live in unity (Proverbs 27: 12). There is one who came to kill, steal and destroy, that encourages discord among brethren. When a believer chooses to sow discord among brethren, he is making satan’s work easier. Discord among brethren can be sown by way of outright lies or by what I call malicious gossip. This is gossip aimed at causing harm and havoc(Proverbs 26: 20). At every point in time, we must double check ourselves and ask the question: This action, this decision, this information I am disseminating, what is my exact purpose? What do I hope to achieve? A sower of discord is a very dangerous person. He or she sows discord for his or her gain; to obtain approval or benefit from either party in a dispute or even from both parties, He also sows discord because of envy and jealousy to scatter a peaceful, joyful union, friendship or brotherhood. A typical example is satan in the garden of Eden. He sowed lies to Adam and Eve, and his purpose was to snatch authority from them because he envied them and their relationship with God. He achieved it, but thanks be to God who sent Jesus to redeem us.


We must carefully and deliberately avoid the above-listed abominations and also all sorts of sins that the word of God has warned us about as this will enable us to be sanctified and be partakers of the glorious kingdom of God. Amen .


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