I thought about a few things and this is what I came up with…

When the Lord says, “remember not the former things,” He is not only talking of bad things or losing positions that you have been. He is saying remember not your past victories. Look up to the new that I am bringing. There are many more grounds to take. Move up. Amen.

Thoughts are creative. They create the environment and atmosphere around you. Thoughts bring in people into your life. The Lord says the thoughts I have for you are great and wonderful. They are what the business fellas will call “big hairy audacious goals”. “If you think like me, you will be like me,” saith God. You will prosper the way I make people prosperous. You will be loving and be caring just like me despite the baggage those people bring. My spirit of compassion will be poured out on you and you will be loving and caring and kind … effortlessly.

In the movie, the Godfather, I think that was Part 3, Michael Corleone met the Pope. Usually, his meeting with Bishops and the red biretta wearing Cardinals of the church were business and politics but this Pope was different. The Pope talked to the Godfather about something nobody ever talked to him about — his spiritual life. For the first time in his life, the Godfather broke down and cried. He knew who he was, but he had never confronted himself neither had anyone had the effrontery to. The Pope talked to him about Jesus. The Godfather was introduced to The Real Godfather. In the presence of the The Real Godfather, he saw who he really was — dust and shadows. Hence his reaction.
In John 4, Jesus met a lady by the well. After the encounter, she left all she was doing to go out and spread the news.

This is what happens to people that met Jesus. They abandon whatsoever was so important at the moment for The All Important. Jesus always leaves you different from how He met you.

When Zacchaeus met Jesus, he knew he met someone different. He knew the moment was important and so he did whatsoever it took to hear what Jesus had to say. He climbed a tree. He did the needful to obtain the most important thing a man can get for himself — the salvation of his soul. His act meant many things; he climbed up to God. Actually, he reached out to God. And Jesus reached out to him. He could not believe it. Remember Zacchaeus was a high-level public official. He cared less about his title at that moment. He did what was required to come up to the level (both physically and spiritually) to hear what Jesus had to say.

To meet God, you need to come up to His level. Luckily His level is low enough for any who is interested to meet up. You need to hear His words and then align. The alignment will require that you change your heart and toss your old software and upload the new one. Afterwards, free downloads will come from the scripture.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. You know this prayer, that we call “The Grace.” It is a very powerful prayer. It says … may that which was with Jesus, that gave Him the enablement to be the Messiah (compassionate, miracle worker, teacher, saviour etc) be with you. Actually, it is saying … may the fullness of Christ be with you.

Grace is what gives you strength to face His position even when the world is against it. Grace is when God gives me the ability to obey His instructions. “The spirit put me on my feet when I heard it.” Grace needs weakness to demonstrate itself. Don’t run. Stand and watch grace enable you to do that which you first thought was impossible.

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