Race through Time

I see a beautiful landscape all around me. Lush green vegetation and rocky contours of land surface between peacefully flowing rivers. I feel the sweetness of mild wetness of the atmosphere. A terrain straight out of Nat-Geo-Wild. I was all alone, or so I thought, for I could see no one else.

I was in my world

‘It’s a lion’ the voice kept saying

‘Oh, you’re joking!’ I reply. ‘It’s a zebra’

I beheld, as I sniffed in the odour of the life all around me, the zebra right in front of me, black and white stripes of charming beauty.

‘I’m telling you it’s a zebra’

‘No its not’ he replied softly. ‘Life’s never just black and white. It’s the big cat, and you’re in danger.

‘Who has this voice, what voice is this?’ I thought. ‘Why can I not see the owner. I can’t remember seeing any face’

Then I beheld as great horns rose from the head of the zebra.

‘Do you see that, those horns?’ I asked.


You see, those horns are the power, the system and the roadmap by which I’ll rise to the top.

There’s been no place where it’s been seen that a lion had horns, even zebras do not.


I turn around, suddenly conscious of my loneliness, and there was this sound that emanated from deep in my mind and reverberated through every fibre of my being. That sound so commonly heard in movies as a signal to the presence of something sinister.

Now let’s pause a bit and unravel our mysterious story before we continue because I can imagine that puzzled look you now wear on your face as you read this. We’ve been talking about someone, a young person, a person still with an active life in front of him. It could be you, it could be me, or it could be a million other people around you.

We live in our own worlds, surrounded by the attractions of our innate desires, surrounded by our mindsets, and by the many elusive things we chase. We live, we laugh, and we love. It’s our world anyways! But most times we are wrong. Dead wrong! We make mistakes and we have no clue. Our eyes are glued to the fancifulness of the world system around us, a system of gross darkness, glamour and deception. And we make mistakes. oh, there are decisions to make in life! But suddenly you’ll transit into a new season of your life and demand will be placed on you to make a decision. Decisions in school, in friendship, in a relationship, in lifestyle, in… so many other things, and you’ll want to make the right choice because wrong decisions, if by any chance don’t damage your forever, will take hostage two or twenty years of your tomorrow, and the wicked part is that it might be the most flowery part of your life. And then we are shaken out of our skin as the voice of our conscience engages us in that most gracious dialogue as it tries its best to snatch us from the snares that lie in front of us.

‘Beware! It’s a lion’ he speaks gently. He always speaks gently. ‘Don’t go that path, it’s dangerous’

‘Oh come on, you’re just being too dramatic’ you reply. ‘it’s harmless, I’m happy’

This is exactly the time you need to be reading this, before that dreadful silence of the conscience, when it’s been pierced and seared, refused and rebuffed; before you run to bed with that stud or that beautiful Delilah hanging around you, before you steal that property, before you tell that simple lie, before you flush that baby in that heartless act of murder called abortion, before you give that bribe, before you kiss goodbye to old-fashioned morality


Well, I’m sharing an experience so that you will read this and you don’t get worse of me, but better. Suddenly there is this sinister sound and I could strangely sense danger. It was true!

It was true!! The Lion. Actually, it was Lions. I call out to my companion but there was only more silence.

‘Please come back to me’ I call in tears. Silence! It has done its job for now and it’s now the turn of experience to take me through the next season, to teach me what I refused to learn simply.

And experience can be such a painful teacher!

The Lions are all around now and there is no answer. There is no gun and the tears flow freely from my eyes. The heart beats faster and the fears are up. Life is about to take me on a ride on the wings of a wild beast, over a dry desert land.

I notice that there were trees in front of me to climb. I thought to myself that they were friends and they’ll provide succor for me this period, but very soon I sense the lions quickly climbing the trees after me. The lions, with ready paws and a look of dead-intent in their hateful eyes, created a dreadful atmosphere.

Friends and associates are not going to provide the answers now that I’m between the devil and the deep blue sea, a fearful reminder of the ancient Israeli nation, in between pharaoh and the dangerous red sea. Stuck!

The ride with the zebra turned lion under that glamorous atmosphere of illusion only serves to accumulate consequences that will demand tears from the rider. A sick body, a broken bone after that stunt you keep pulling in your senseless disregard to sane warnings, an unwanted baby after 3 abortions or a damaged womb after 13, an emotional collapse after a major heartbreak or betrayal from a relationship, the wreckage of a corrupted mind, a humiliation from a rape incident, a confusion of a disfigured personality because of a thousand strangers seated in the mind, a nagging lust problem so acute that the spirit spits in disgust, a distress from a mind that’s been raped by the infiltration of all the negativities of once alien cultures from Babylon, the pieces of white paper on the notice board spelling out how poor the result is, the failure because of the lack of an answer to give after a major transition, and life, as it surely will, demands from you, it’s due, that humiliating season of lack where all your dreams fade away and nothing stares at your face.


That’s exactly the plan. You’re so important to God that he will do everything to get to you. But you don’t have to let Him get that far in his chase for you because believe me, you might not survive the experience.

Bruised, broken, humbled, afraid, torn, and desperate, my spirit cried out. The same lions I rode all the while I thought them to be zebras are all over the place haunting me, gnawing at my soul and instigating fears. And so my spirit cries out for help.

Let this mind be in you, as is also in Jesus.

At this juncture, I’m facing the right direction and phase two is about to begin. Time is passing. It seems slow to me. Suddenly, I realize I have possession of wings, like that of an eagle, a pathway in the otherwise impossible situation. There is a working of the supernatural all around me and I’m sure that I have nothing to do with it. I am suddenly soaring, flying away to safety. But then I discover the lions are on air too. They have taken the battle to the air and I’m learning that they are not going to go that easily. And so they fly, in hot pursuit, roaring and spitting fire. I’m scared and my spirit cries out in more brokenness.

Are they going to have my wings broken?

There are fears, that you cannot yet handle that have taken shape in the realm of your mind, and the Lord will be busy telling you and helping you get rid of the garbage bin of the mindsets that gives shape to your fears.

‘Renew your mind and be transformed by my word’ He says continually.

And God, in the midst of it all is teaching you to trust in Him, teaching you faith, hope, teaching you to love, teaching you truths concerning your authority and dominion, unveiling to you the realities of his grace.

And time passes by!

Things are changed all around you. You even feel different, you know different, hope has come alive. The sun soon breaks out all around you and there’s a sudden burst of music as a gentle gust of wind blew over your face. You look in front of you, and there it is- the Tower you are supposed to land into. Into safety

The doors open in gracious curtsey to you as you closed it. That was when you looked behind you and discovered that the lions are nowhere in sight

I wonder if they ever existed before. I mean lions don’t fly like birds in the air. They are just, like we established before, the results of your fears taking shape in the realm of your mind

You land on your hands and your feet, the tears blur your vision, as your joy finds expression, and the butterflies dance in your stomach. It’s always sweet, the taste of freedom. You’re soon firmly on your feet and phase three is about to begin. As you gaze in wonder at your present, materializing from all corners of the spaces all around and beyond you appeared people, and like a skilled guide, you help them land into safety. With your hands outstretched, it was your family members first, and the smile lines your lips. Then a crowd of other people, other people you’ve never met before begins to land, and their safe landing depends solely on you.

For nations shall come to your light and kings to the brightness of your rising.

For God will raise you up as a deliverer and leader, first for your family, then he’ll unleash you to the world around you. So the time has passed and now you are finally wise but you are just one fortunate chap in a world of many unfortunate people, for too many folks end up at the jaws of the lions, with their life terminated, their dreams terminated, and their destiny notwithstanding.

So you must tell this story, someday like I have, to as many as you can, and warn them, help them to understand their lives, to know God, and to allow him to help them avoid the pains of the foolishness of our youth. For life is a battle and your soul is the prize. Light and darkness, good and evil are the contenders, and your decisions are the price.

This is the conclusion of the whole matter, fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man

If you are one already riding the lions in that most exciting time of your young age when it seems like you have the world at your fingertips, in a dangerously blinded race, 220 miles on a road full of potholes, or you are already stuck with the lions and it seems like the life is sapped out of you, take heart, keep hope alive, and permit this little piece of writing help you find strength in the journey ahead.


There is a God, Father, and creator he is. He loves us so much and has a plan for every single life. But we must choose to follow him and refuse distractions. There is an enemy, the devil, who will compass land and sea to ensure that he creates the distractions to stop you from that greatness.

For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, thoughts of good and not of evil, to give you a hope and a future.

That’s God speaking.

And furthermore, he says

I go to prepare a place for you, and will come again to take you with me.

It’s the promise of a lifetime, and I can dare guess without hesitation that you like that very much. You just make the right choice and you are going to be just fine.


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