Quitting Every Unprofitable Relationship

It was exactly 4:00 pm on Friday, 31st December, 2004. I packed my luggage to join my family and other millions of Nigerians in one of the prayer camps along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, for the watch night prayer to usher the New Year.

Throughout the day, I was in the Spirit, singing and meditating on the word of God as a sign of appreciating God for seeing me through a turbulent year. I knew within me the type of prayer I was going to have at the campground was not going to be the usual Alakowe type; therefore I decided to preserve my body away from all sorts of blemish like food and unholy jokes. In fact, this was so glaring that one of my colleagues in the office was forced to ask if there was any problem. He probably did not know that I was preparing myself for a warfare that only prayer can resolve.

As a sign of humility, I made up my mind that I was not going with my car to the camp, and so I boarded a public bus. Soon after I sat down, a rain of prayer from a young man sitting close to me provoked me so much that the Holy Spirit gripped me, though I was able to control myself. The young man was praying for a job after staying at home for 5 years. In the front seat of the bus, was another young lady that was praying with all seriousness; sweating and raining curses on those she regarded as unprofitable relations. At this point in time, the reality was beginning to dawn on me that the fight was not going to be easy that night. Finally, we got to the environment at around 7.00 pm. At the entrance gate, I saw thousands of people trekking toward the prayer ground. So many people were wearing faces of frustration. In fact, I saw many people with a determination to regain their freedom from all kinds of problems. However, it appeared that people were more prepared to fight all hindrances to financial freedom than other problems as we were all looking healthy but financially unfulfilled.

The entrance was so dusty due to heavy traffic of people and cars but this seemed not to discourage people as they moved in thousands in and out of the camp with their olive oil, Bible, tambourine, and other symbols of spiritual warfare. The question that came to my mind when I saw a crowd of policemen at the campground was whether policemen need prayer in spite of their usual style of harassing innocent people. No, I said to myself as I reasoned that they may have been invited to come and maintain peace and order. But there were also some Road Safety Commission officials who were there to direct the traffic against indiscriminate crossing of the road by pedestrians.

At the auditorium, I saw so many people of different social status, profession, and needs. I got myself a comfortable place. Though far from the altar, I could still hear loud and clear the ministration coming from the man of God. Soon the prayer time started. As soon as the prayer point was coming from the man of God with prophetic evidence from the Bible, it appeared that God was leading the man of God to deal with my problem. Suddenly the man of God made a prayer point we should pray that all unprofitable relationships in the New Year should fail. This reminded me of the prayer which the sister sitting in the front seat of the bus was making. I got provoked further that God must be talking to me here. I prayed and prayed with all seriousness and desperation. My prayer went thus:

“Father, destroy it … Father, scatter it …. Holy Ghost fire destroy it … Jehovah God I don’t want it again … Jesus, I want I want you to profit all my relationships. I intend to make it this New Year.”

I prayed this prayer until my voice could go no further.

Apparently, this was one of the strongest prayers that I made even before I went to the campground. Through the prophetic ministration of the man of God, I became charged and better informed that unprofitable relationships are one of the causes of our financial difficulty as many of us have yet to commercialize our talent, potential, and capability to the fullest. Unprofitable relationships come in various ways. For instance, as an employee, you are having an unprofitable relationship with your employer if you lack job fulfillment and satisfaction. As a businessman, you can identify all unprofitable relationships with your suppliers and customers using the 20:80% Rule. As a job applicant, your unprofitable relationship will come in the form of time wasted going about with you CV without any help as against being able to rediscover yourself by exploiting your God-given talents to create wealth. As a family man, we may be keeping an unprofitable relationship with our friends and family members on so many activities that drain our savings without any returns. Generally, unprofitable relationships are another bondage and barrier to our financial breakthroughs. It drains our purse. It kills our morale and resourcefulness. It reduces our confidence to be what God wants us to be.

In previous years, many of us actually worked so hard on our various forms of business, yet we’ve had nothing to show for it. As employees, we’ve lived our life without savings. The 30 days journey before the salary comes is like bondage that does not allow us to demonstrate any kind of financial freedom as many of us would have spent the whole salary before we receive it. Under these circumstances, borrowing in the form of salary advance or all kinds of short-term facility to bridge the deficit gap has become a norm. There are people that wake up as early as 5.00 am daily to resume work at 7:30am, yet they are unable to meet up with their financial needs. Our take home could no longer take us home readers! These are signs of unprofitable relationships.

In the New Year, my resolution would be to do away with all kind of unprofitable relationships that do not allow me to experience financial freedom or that hinder me from exploiting my full talent and potential.

Now is the appointed time for you, and to rediscover the potential in us and our business, we must move forward. We cannot afford to continue with this complacency. We have to review all relationships we have engaged in that are not profitable to us and do away with them.

As an applicant, think of one profitable thing to do with your talent. As entrepreneurs, think of how to prune all those products or services that are not profitable to you. As employees, think of how to gain back your freedom from those employers that are not profitable. Save for the rainy days and think of becoming an employer in future.


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