Post-Acquisition Depression (PAD) occurs when you get what you want, but you are not so happy about it as you thought as you will be. Hahahahahahaha!

Have you wanted something so bad and you think that when you get that stuff, you will live in a state of nirvana, perpetual bliss, pure joy and undiluted pleasure for forever? Then the day comes when you finally get that stuff. Wow! Hurray!!

The joy of the acquisition last for nanoseconds. You want it to last longer, but the fleetingness of the supposed happiness is something strange to comprehend. You pull in your willpower and want this joy to last, but it ebbs away faster than you can muster your soulish muscles to keep it intact.

Godliness with contentment is great gain — Paul

Without warning depression sets in. You wonder why you put in so much effort to get this thing and now you have no feelings for it. Rather you are depressed. You question yourself why you are depressed about something you thought you REALLY wanted. No answers. After a while, some answers creep into your mind, but they make no sense.

Have you been there before? Come on it is part of being alive.

I will give you my experience. Growing up, having powdered milk to chew was something I yearned for. But there was always no powdered milk around except for one season in life — when there is a baby. There was always NAN milk when there was a baby. It is baby milk, and it is for babies but do I care?

I scheme and plot on how to be useful to mum in feeding the baby. Then I will have to pack up. Then do the clean-up and place the baby milk safely where it should be (safe indeed). I will then watch my mum and do all the timing and get back to the house to get the baby milk. The process of doing all these James Bond moves is exciting; to say the least. Of course, it is thrilling.

When the spoon of milk hits my mouth, it is sweet for a moment. The next feeling I get … it now tastes like cardboard and then gravel. The process ends with me being a philosopher. I begin to question why I had put in so much man hours and effort to get a nanosecond of excitement. Was it worth it? Why did I bother? Was the milk worth the trust I have betrayed? Sadness takes over. Post-Acquisition Depression sets in. Now you get my drift.

So, have you been there before? You got the iPhone 7, and you are not as happy as you thought you would be. You know what you went through. You emotionally blackmailed your parents, spouse, anyone that cared for you to get it. You told them if they cared for you then they should get you this toy that will light your life. Then you get it, and you are feeling not as happy as you thought you would be. PAD. PAD. PAD.

“Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness.” 
― Pearl S. Buck

It could be getting that additional degree. It might have been buying that company that will vertically integrate into your operations. It could be finally hearing yes from the woman of your supposed dream. It could be anything that you thought will raise your happiness level.

If you ever encounter post-acquisition depression, then this is what I will suggest.

  1. Respond to the questions that come up after PAD. They will help you refine your thoughts.
  2. Embrace it. It is post-acquisition depression for a reason. It means you have been chasing shadows. Did you really require that stuff? Find what is valuable to you and focus on it.
  3. When you think anything will make you happier when once you get it, then know that you are setting yourself up for PAD.
  4. Learn to enjoy the moment. That is what you have for sure. Don’t wait for a meteor to fall before you decide to be happy and grateful for the wonderful gift of life that has been bestowed upon you.

In all you do, ensure that your life should not be about things. Things bring momentary happiness and then you easily forget that you once dreamt of that thing. In the nearest future, you will wonder why you even bothered. Status symbols come and go. Today it is whatsoever it is…tomorrow it will be something different. If you are into things, you will always be chasing them.

I would not mind hearing about your post-acquisition depression stories.

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