The Strategy to Get to the Place of Purpose

  1. Be God Conscious: Carry God everywhere. Act and think every time of God.
  2. Commit Yourself to Service unto the Lord:(Exodus 23: 25 – 26). Joshua got to his place of promotion through service. Zechariah was in the place of service when God visited his wife. Service activates a covenant of protection. A secret place is a place of service (Psalm 91:1).
  3. Obedience to God:Proverbs 13: 18. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Disobedience is rebellion. Abraham obeyed God and left his kindred. Acknowledge that walking with God can make you look like a fool.
  4. Appreciate God:If you do not appreciate God, you will depreciate. Avoid complaining. Thank God for everything and every situation (Luke 17:11).
  5. Acknowledge that You Will Be Opposed:People will talk. Everything that bears fruits will attract stones. The only time people will not talk about you is when you are doing nothing. The opposition is proof that you are doing something. Friends do not advertise you; it is enemies that do! Psalm 23:4. If you do not have enemies, God will not prepare a table before them. Do not let opposition drive you away from God. Let opposition drive you closer to God. Delay brings forth a prophet.
  6. Live a Life of Giving:You must live a life of giving. Giving is interpreting other people’s dreams. If you carry light for somebody, you cannot walk in darkness. Giving is living. Give regularly, give cheerfully, give honourably, and pay your tithe.
  7. Learn Patience:Joseph was patient. Another definition of impatience is running ahead of God.


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