2 “Enlarge the place of your tent,

   stretch your tent curtains wide,

   do not hold back;

   lengthen your cords,

   strengthen your stakes.

3 For you will spread out to the right and to the left;

   your descendants will dispossess nations

   and settle in their desolate cities.

                                 Isaiah 54: 2 – 3

Beloved, God is giving you a word that you should break forth! If He has said it, it means He will do it. One of the things that will facilitate your breaking forth is that you need to arise and enlarge your tent. You must take a conscious step to increase your habitation. Be courageous and break into new grounds. Breaking into new grounds starts with your mind’s eyes. You will only conquer territories you see. Climb to higher grounds, stretch out your habitations. God does not expect you to remain stagnant. God does not expect your tent to remain where its borders have always been. Stagnancy is not part of God’s plan for you. Our God is a God of growth. How far are you seeing the area of your habitations? Walking with God implies new levels and new assignments after the conquest of the old. God is never in a recession. My people say that it is better for a man not to be rich than for one to say that he used to be a rich man. When they say that he used to be a rich man, it is a reference to old glory. The beauty of living is when you keep on increasing. The Bible instructs us to enlarge our tents. We know indeed that after the third trimester, the foetus in the womb will start telling the mother that it is uncomfortable in her womb and needs to be born. When that seed was just an embryo, it had no difficulty dwelling in the womb. But from the third trimester, the baby will tell the mother that it is tired of the womb. God is saying that until you make up your mind to enlarge the place of your borders, you cannot be enlarged.

People who will be great must make up their minds to be great because except they make up their minds, they will remain at the point they are; stagnant. But I’ve come to understand that even when we make up our minds to move to another level, there are challenges (2 Kings 6:1). When Elisha had the double portion of Elijah’s anointing when he knew he was the next person to continue with the prophetic office Elijah had handed over, the sons of prophets were ready to go all the way with him to achieve the purpose of God but it got to a point where there was so much revival, that a particular place could no longer contain them and they knew it was time for them to expand and enlarge. It was if God was telling them that the place was too small for Him to bless them. Remember the story of the woman, the widow of Zarephath, to whom Elisha instructed to borrow vessels, not a few. If that woman had borrowed one vessel, the oil would have stayed only in that vessel. God is saying that you should make up your mind to enlarge your tent, for where you are, is too narrow to contain the amount of blessing he has proposed to give to you. You have to understand that unless you make your room prepared, the blessings cannot come in. The sons of the prophets knew this. Are you tired of where you are today? Are you tired of your level of spiritual growth?

Are you tired of struggling from one point to the other? God is saying that you should prepare your mind and get set for an enlargement. There are some things you need to make up your mind to do yourself else it will not happen. These sons of the prophet knew that where they were small so they rose up to build. It might seem like your prayer life is in shambles, you have to rise up to build it. You have to take a conscious step to get it turned around. I’ve to see some people who decided to relax in an office and at the same time problems begins because they sat down there for too long. Persecution of the early church enhanced her growth and dispersal. In these last days, God is set to enlarge you. But if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will always be at the level you’ve always been. Imagine a person whose prayer life is limited to an hour a day; he will be guaranteed a one-hour result. But when one makes up his mind to give extra to his quiet time, he moves from the level of ordinary to extraordinary. The sons of the prophet proposed that they should go to River Jordon. I wondered why they choose Jordan. I discovered that Jordan in its original meaning is “the descender.” River Jordan was the river that flowed and nourished other parts of the land of Israel in Biblical times. The River Jordan was seen as the river of fertility because of its flowing nature. That is why most baptisms were done there. River Jordan has its watershed at Mount Hermon which scriptures refer to in Psalm 133: 1-3. Again, River Jordan had an accumulation of trees when Israel was barren because of the fertility of the land around it. This explains why it was a prime choice for the sons of the prophet to haul wood from for their enlargement. I’ve come to tell you that you will enter your rest in the mighty name of Jesus because you have made up your mind to make room for yourself to increase and enlarge. God will secure you to that place of fertility in Jesus’ name.

They (sons of the prophet) went down there but they didn’t go alone. They asked Elijah to accompany them. They believed that if Elijah accompanied them, they would be assured of the presence of God. The Bible says that by the prophet, the Lord delivered his people, by his prophets, he preserved them. I don’t bother about life issues because I know that God is with me. Be assured in our heart that if God is with you, nothing can be against you. The Bible who states that if God be for us, who can be against us? To accomplish their goal, the sons of the prophet took axes. We should not say that because the servant of God has followed us, we should go with empty hands. No – there is a work of faith! The work of the building is not in the mouth. Imagine that you get to the place and say:

“Oya, wood come out here right now!”

It doesn’t work like that. They did not only receive the prophetic word, but they acted on the word. They were ready for work. It is interesting that a man who lost his axe head didn’t have his own. He had to borrow. Sometimes, God has to raise somebody to help you to enter your enlargement. I’m not bothered about having to borrow. Anyhow the implements must come.

Let me tell you a wonderful story, someone met me and told me that he intended to start a business. He had just resigned from work and had saved a total of about a hundred thousand naira which he intended to plough into the new business. Do you know that after what he had gathered to start that business and immediately after he bought his stocks, thieves came in and stole everything? He came back and told me about it. He complained that he paid his tithes and so he wondered why he could be a victim of theft. I advised him not to talk like that. Your tithe is not your money. It is God’s money. Don’t harass God over tithes you have returned to Him. I also told him that sometimes, God likes taking men to zero level so that they will not be able to boast in their abilities and finances. He was thoroughly confused. This was all he had worked for in his life and it had been stolen by thieves. Thereafter, we believed God and prayed for open doors. Do you know what happened? Soon after, this same brother came to see me. He informed me that since he didn’t have any money after that theft, he began to source contracts and that he had just been handed a contract running into millions to supply something. He said he did not even have the money but had been given the letter. He had to borrow money to execute the contract. God raised him from what seemed to be a devastating calamity. But the Lord allowed him to begin from zero level.

Sometimes you might be making room for your enlargement and everything looks as if it is sinking. Some people’s businesses, marriages and family are sunk. I have good news for you. The Lord is bringing you out of every pit in the mighty name of Jesus! It was God who touched the owner of the axe to lend to the borrower if not, it meant that while others were chopping wood, he would have had nothing to use. But listen to me, life is only a transition and you don’t have a problem if you are standing firm on the promises of God. The main thing is to keep moving. For every step you take towards another level, God will walk ahead of you. There will always be challenges on the road to enlargement but I assure you that those challenges cannot limit you. You’ve got to make up your mind. I have made up my mind to enlarge and I’m prepared to make room for it.

So when the axe head fell into that river, the man shouted. Elisha hadn’t said anything until the axe head fell. Sometimes though God might be very close to you, it might seem He is quiet, in the midst of your enlargement. And when something happens, you’re minded to remember that at least God is with you. His rod and staff will comfort you. He is the only one that can prepare a table before in the presence of my enemies. And when you call upon him, he will come to your aid. When that young man complained that it was borrowed, Elisha responded positively to him. Your needs will surely be met in the name of Jesus! Don’t give up on your dreams!! Don’t give up on your works! Don’t bother if your dream has gotten into the river. The miraculous God is still available. Elisa knew the law of floatation. The Bible records that he took a stick and dropped it in and the iron floated, while the stick sank. That’s the reverse of what should have happened.

Though challenges will come in the midst of your enlargement, God is by your side to help you. Everything that seems lost, the Lord is bringing it back to you in the name of Jesus! Some of you have lost friends, and opportunities, like that man who lost his axe head, but because God is with you, everything will turn around in your favour, in the name of Jesus! I see that God is not bothered by what you have lost or opportunities that you have missed, but He wants to know what you have left. Elisha instructed that the stick should be given to him before he used it to get the axe head. Probably the stick Elisha used was the handle of the axe. God is not going to bother you about that which you have lost, because what you have left is enough for him to bless you.


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