Title: Love Traditions (What God is asking you to do in Marriage … Is the same thing He is expecting you to do in your relationship)

Author: Allison Hyacintho

Page Number: 37


Copyright Date: Not stated

General Subject Matter: Christian/Evangelical

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Introduction: The author begins by stating that there is no distinction between Christian relationship and marriage, save for premarital sex and physical intimacy which is forbidden in Christian relationship or courtship. What you do in a relationship will definitely be carried over into marriage. Values or vices manifested in a relationship are what will be evident in marriage.


In the first chapter of the book titled, “Love Theme”, the author defines a love theme as a spiritual declaration for the month, the year or for a project. The love theme tradition helps to set achievable targets and goals for every season and keeps you in the knowledge of your partner’s big plans and next moves.

Chapter Two is titled “The Love Seed.” The love seed is about couples sowing their seeds together on a love theme and thereby harvesting together. The seeds may not necessarily be sowed in the church as they can be sown into the life of less privileged and needy persons.

Chapter Three is titled “The Love Confession.” According to the author, Love Confessions are short Bible verses that couples confess all through their day. Love confessions are faith declarations made by couples to each other, anytime and anywhere. The confessions carry a special kind of weight. The author advises couples to fill their mouth with positive word confessions and let them find expression through them.

Chapter Four is titled, “Five Minutes Prayer in the Spirit.” The focus is to pray for your partner intentionally for 5 minutes, sharing their visions, job, career, dreams, challenges and life pursuit with God. Speak in tongues if you can, and commit all they have planned to achieve into God’s care. You don’t need a room or a church to do this, you can pray in the spirit anywhere you are, on the bus, at the office, on the street, anywhere. The beauty of this love tradition is that it unites two souls together towards God, and helps you present your partner to Him in total sincerity of heart.

Chapter Five is titled, “Celebrate Your Achievements.” Make it a tradition to celebrate each other’s achievements no matter how little. Celebrate those little everyday accomplishments, make it a tradition to celebrate your successes together.

Chapter Six is titled, “Fasting Together.” There is no way you can have a godly relationship without sex and physical intimacy if you two do not make fasting a consistent habit, there’s no chance at all. If you do not learn to discipline your intimate side the devil is going to have a nice time messing and playing with your emotions. You have to know when to zoom off and call your feelings to order.

Chapter Seven is titled, “Finding a Mission.” Invest in something bigger than yourself. Do something that will take the focus off your relationship and helps you participate in a mission to build teamwork. Start a project. Collaborate on a project you would love to complete. Pick activities of interest that you both can actively participate in. The whole point is to do something that requires teamwork, something that will bring you closer to each other, something that will feel like a triumph when completed.

Chapter Eight, which is the last chapter is titled, “One Midnight Hour.” The author insists that he doesn’t know any successful marriage where both husband and wife sleep all through the night every day. According to him, one of the most powerful spiritual advantages that God has given to us is the power of the midnight prayer, a place where all that happens during the day is ultimately controlled. The author advises that we do not have to wait until marriage to learn how important it is to spend one or two midnight hours to pray and study the Word, especially if you’re in a serious relationship leading towards marriage. Learn to pray together at midnight where the focus is maximum, make it a love tradition to stay up for a few minutes some nights to share a word communion.

Book Evaluation & Review:

I found the book in a Christian electronic library. It is an inspiring text, although its proofreading could have been better done, as there were a few typo errors here and there.

In my humble opinion, the author failed to mention two key relationships every Christian should establish with the one they are seriously dating with a view to marry; that of a spiritual mentor and an accountability partner to each other. A mentor is regarded as someone who guides, leads and shares with you along life’s way with Christian principles.  A mentor should be someone you respect and who holds similar views and religious convictions as you in vital areas of your life. On the other hand, an accountability partner is a trustworthy friend who is responsible for you and will be answerable to all the time. Experience and history have shown that when courting Christians spend a lot of time together without interventions by these key relationships, there is always a risk of not keeping oneself pure for marriage. Therefore let the one who thinks he stands firm [immune to temptation, being overconfident and self-righteous], take care that he does not fall [into sin and condemnation] – 1 Corinthians 10: 12 (Amplified Bible).

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