We find the story of Mary Magdalene first mentioned in the gospel according to Luke 8: 2. She was the woman from whom the Lord Jesus cast out seven demons and the spirit of infirmity during his ministry on earth. Mary Magdalene was from a small town called Magdala, located on the North West shore of Galilee in the region of Tiberias. As it was common in those days, she was called according to her town of origin. Mary Magdalene was also mentioned in the gospels according to Matthew, Mark and John because of her walk with the Lord. From the snippets of information from the gospels we can learn the following lessons:

  1. Mary Magdalene was delivered from evil spirits and healed of infirmities. As a matter of fact, the bible mentioned explicitly that she was delivered of seven demons (Luke 8: 2). This information is very important. It teaches us that the Lord Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13: 8) does not change. He will still heal and deliver those that have been put in captivity by demonic spirits because he came to set the captives free (Isaiah 61:1-7; Luke 4: 18; Psalm 102: 20). There is room for healing from infirmities and deliverance from the evil forces of darkness. No case is impossible with God.
  2. She was a follower of Jesus (John 20: 25; Luke 8: 3). After Jesus healed Mary Magdalene, we read from the above scriptures that she went about with Jesus. This is how we should operate. We should not just be beneficiaries of the healing and deliverance power of God and after which we return to our routine life and do not make any impact for the Kingdom of God. Rather, we should become his genuine followers, walking in His ways and in the revelation that comes from His word.
  3. Mary Magdalene was a financier of the ministry of Jesus Christ (Luke 8: 3). This teaches us a significant aspect of ministry life. Finances are required to run ministries, and we cannot become “over” spiritual and pretend we don’t realise that we need money as a tool to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ. We must always contribute financially to the purposes of the kingdom, not out of compulsion, but out of sincere love for God and the desire to spread the good news of the Kingdom of God. This will enable others to benefit from the gospel as we have (Zechariah 1: 17).
  4. Mary Magdalene was resolute in her love for the Lord. She was committed to the Lord to the very end (Mark 15: 14; Matthew 27: 56; John 20: 25). She followed Jesus even to his crucifixion ground at Calvary. This was a big deal because there was a risk of people that were associated with Jesus being arrested. Mary Magdalene was ready to go all the way with the Lord. This teaches us that as believers we must be wholly committed to the Lord to the very end. We must be resolute in our belief in Him, no matter the risk, threats or the consequences of such a stand.
  5. Mary Magdalene was determined to spread the good news of Jesus resurrection (John 20: 18; Mark 16: 9-10). After Mary Magdalene encountered the resurrected Christ, He gave her the responsibility of telling the good news of his resurrection to His disciples. Thus, she became the first to spread the gospel. This teaches us that we must not shirk from our responsibility for the spread of the gospel even today. The Lord Jesus also gave us that assignment in the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 19-20).

We must live every day with this consciousness that we must carry out this instruction from Him without fear or intimidation. May the Lord help us all to spread the good news of His kingdom to the ends of the end in Jesus name, Amen.

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