Esther was the Hebrew girl who rose to become the Queen of an old Persian kingdom. The story of her rise to the throne is documented in the book of Esther in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Esther’s story has a lot of lessons even after over 3000 years since it happened. The following lessons can be deduced from the story of Esther, and it will help men, women and young people alike in navigating through life in this present generation.

Lesson One

A woman must always choose the time and place to address any issue she has with her spouse, and it should be within the privacy of their bedroom or somewhere outside the home that is not exposed to the third party except by agreement. She must always try to control her anger over any issue and try as much as possible never to humiliate her husband in public. This was Vashti’s error: she disobeyed her husband publicly and hence humiliated him. This upset him so greatly hence his decision to dethrone her as Queen. (Esther 1: 11-12)

Lesson Two

A young person must adhere to the instructions in the Bible which says, “Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right” (Ephesians 6: 1). The Bible records that Esther was obedient to Mordecai, her uncle who took her in as his daughter after the death of her parents. She did as he asked her by not disclosing that she was a Jew. This advice gave her a shot at vying for the position of Queen. (Esther 2: 10).

Lesson Three

The loss of life in tragic circumstances does not necessarily signify the end of life and loss of hope for the survivors. God is always in control, and he can give us beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Who would have thought that Esther the orphan girl would become the Queen one day? That is our great God- making a way where there seems to be no way.

Lesson Four

Good character is the ultimate requirement in an intimate relationship. However, a woman must take care of her physical appearance and personal details. In an intimate man and woman relationship under the umbrella of marriage, sex is key. It is one of the activities that keep the wheels of a marital relationship well-oiled to roll smoothly. A woman must come to her marital bed clean, beautified and perfumed in preparation for her husband. This was why Esther and the other virgins were subjected to a whopping twelve months of beauty therapy before being ushered into the presence of the King (Esther 2: 12).

Lesson Five

No one is permitted to make you feel inferior in life. Mordecai was a nobody in the palace before Esther became Queen, but he comported himself with great respect and didn’t let anyone even Haman, the head of the king’s protocol office intimidate him. (Esther3: 5). You may be in a lowly position in life but don’t ever forget your spiritual identity in Christ. You are a giant, an overcomer, a royal priesthood, etc.

Lesson Six

In life, you will come across people who will choose to hate you for no good reason and will in turn transfer that hatred to the people close to you. More often than not, this hatred is not caused by anything you have done to them, but rather it is rooted in their sense of inadequacy and inferiority complex. Ignore them and continue in doing good works and allow the Lord to fight on your behalf. Haman hated Mordecai and plotted to wipe him and his people from the face of the earth, but God showed up on behalf of Mordecai using Esther as a tool and vindicated him. (Esther 7: 10).

Lesson Seven

In life, there are some situations we cannot handle by head knowledge or by ourselves. We need to recognise this and know when to step back and let God take control and literarily place the ‘trouble’ in the hands of God. Esther recognised this when the edict to destroy the Jews went out and decided to take it to the Lord in prayer and the extra mile: fasting. She took responsibility by championing the fast and included her maids and the people as well (Esther 4: 15).

Lesson Eight

This lesson is, particularly for the menfolk. The Lord calls a wife a help meet for you. Recognise that and learn to listen when she gives you advice. If Haman has listened to his wife’s advice on being careful with Mordecai after he had done that grand parade for him, maybe he would not have forged ahead with his plans to destroy Mordecai and the Jews (Esther 6: 13). But because of pride and stubbornness, he never took heed, and this costs him everything and everyone he held dear.

Lesson Nine

Subtlety is a wise woman’s tool of conflict resolution. Some battles are not won by screaming and outrightly reporting the culprits to your husband. Sometimes you have to beat people at their own game subtly. Esther took time and prepared a banquet for the king. Food has also been proven over the ages as a potent tool to get a man’s attention!!! She spent time with the king at the banqueting table, probably feeding him with morsels of meat and fish herself. In that atmosphere, she subtly informed the king of what troubled her heart over the three days banquet. She didn’t just jump at the king and report Haman and tell the king what to do about him. She allowed the king to decide for himself after presenting her case against him. Of course, Haman got sentenced to death (Esther 7: 1-10). Ladies use this approach to solve some issues in your home.

Lesson Ten

One chases a thousand, two tens of thousands, then imagine what a team of say, ten or twenty or one hundred or one thousand will do. We must stand together with people of the household of faith and tackle our common enemy (Esther 4: 16). Esther, Mordecai and the Jews joined their faith together and were able to defeat the enemy that came up against them. Remember that the king gave the second edict for the Jews to have the right to defend themselves (Esther 8: 13). They worked in unity and overcame. Let us as believers in this generation learn to do the same. We should also remember that in Christ there is no Jew or Greek or Gentile, rather our common enemy is satan and his cohorts so let us learn to stand together as a team and defeat the enemy. Hallelujah!

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