The wait was the hardest part. Each passing day brought with it a certain kind of dread. What would the outcome be? What would be our fate? All sorts of scenarios played out in my mind, and time seemed to have come to a halt. It was a nerve-wracking wait. I would catch myself staring into thin air as the days leading up to the fateful day went by in a blur.

It took forever before the result of our daughter’s diagnosis was finally released, and I can still remember sitting in front of the consultant as He looked at my husband and I and told us our daughter was not going to be okay. He said it with no display of emotion. Perhaps, years of delivering bad news to people must have hardened him up. I couldn’t blame him.

I cannot remember the wave of emotions and thoughts that ran through my mind, but the ride back from the hospital is one I can never forget. We sat in total silence for that hour-long ride home with everyone consumed with their thoughts, trying to make sense of what we had just heard. I pinched myself a thousand times hoping I was merely dreaming. Life as we knew it had ended and the future was so frightening.

We got home that day, and something happened that I cannot explain till date. In the midst of my fears, I decided to praise God. Crazy; right? I went on YouTube and found 1-hour praise and worship mix, and I began to praise and dance. After a few minutes, my husband joined in and with our eyes streaming down with tears, we praised. We danced to the music until it ended. We praised despite our tears and in spite of all our fears and uncertainties; we praised.

I look back today in amazement at such boldness and faith. I believe the battle was won from that day. We had made a declaration to the enemy that regardless of what happened, God was going to be glorified. Whether she lived or died, God was going to be praised. Yes, the battle line had been drawn, and we were not going to accept defeat.

I believe that singular act was what saw us through that season and even when our daughter went to be with the Lord, we knew God had won because ultimately it was a battle for our faith, our minds and our home.

This past week, I have had a burden to reach out to anyone waiting for a diagnosis or anyone whose loved one has received unpleasant news regarding their health. I know it can be a frightening and trying time. I know it can also be confusing and your natural inclination is to fret, worry and doubt God, but can I challenge you to praise through your fears. Can I challenge you to put some music on and dance through your tears? God is still mighty, and He can heal and make whole.

Regardless of the outcome, I dare you to praise today and every day. Praise while you wait and praise even after the diagnosis is made. Do not give fear room to grow and when the enemy magnifies your fears and gives you reasons to doubt, remind yourself of God ‘s word and confess it till every fear dissipates. There are so many testimonies of God’s healing power. Let this fuel your faith and fill your mouth with praise.

Today, I pray for anyone waiting for a doctor’s report. I speak peace to your heart. I pray for supernatural grace to praise through this season. I pray for anyone discouraged by a negative diagnosis. May God show himself strong for you. May your faith in God not waver. I pray that God would give you a testimony. I pray that through it all, God would be glorified, and may your mouth and hearts be filled with praise In Jesus’ Mighty Name.


Stay strong. God bless you.


Psalm 149:6 (NIV) – May the praise of God be in their mouths and a double-edged sword in their hands.

John 14:27(NIV) – Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Exodus 15:26(NLT) – For I am the Lord who heals you.


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