May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed (2 Chronicles 15:7).

Visualising your future is a challenging but exciting opportunity for you to define the future you wish to create. If you don’t establish a vision for your life, you will probably drift along and let others make decisions that define your life journey. The following are a few reminders you need as you get ready to visualise your journey, as offered by James J. Semradek and Michael P. Butler.

  • Identify a realistic financial budget that you require for start-up and have that money set aside when you’re ready to begin: This is critical if entrepreneurship is the path you have chosen. If you choose intrapreneurship route, then sound financial planning is always advisable, but with a baseline income stream assured, you will be less concerned with establishing a “start-up nest egg.” Note that an intrapreneur is an individual who walks for a company in an entrepreneur role. That is, he has the opportunity to develop new business independently.
  • Identify your start-up timetable and stick with it: For the entrepreneur, this is directly related to the budget you establish. Your start-up funds must coincide with the timetable you establish. Whether you choose an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial path, a specific timetable to assess performance and measure results is always a good policy. Use the timetable to ensure that you stay on the path you set for yourself.
  • Identify two or three successful mentors from whom you can seek advice along the way: Maintaining relationships with a few mentors is something many people don’t do these days. In the days gone by, when apprenticeship programs were the norm, mentoring was a common practice. Now, in the fast-paced environment many of us find ourselves in, we have lost sight of the value of mentorship and do not make time for mentoring relationships.
  • Reflect and learn from your experiences: Don’t make the same mistakes twice. These learning experiences will help to guide you on the road to success, in life and in your business.

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