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Dan S. Kennedy, the author of the book entitled How to Make Millions with Your Ideas and technically christened An Entrepreneur’s Guide, is the president of Empire Communications Corporation, a mail-order marketing firm, and Life-Tech Broadcasting Corporation, a leading producer infomercials and video brochures. Kennedy also conducts Millionaire-Maker Systems Seminars for thousands of people every year.

Book Synopsis

The book examines the methods as well as principles of many successful entrepreneurs including the author’s sure-fire, easy to follow Millionaire Maker Strategies. It is full of true stories and proven advice of ordinary people who began with just an idea, a simple product, or a fledgeling business and ended up being millionaires.

The book helps you to determine which of the three paths of success is good for you and offers you sequential guide down the path of success so chosen. You will discover the eight best ways to make a fortune from scratch, how to turn a hobby into a million-dollar enterprise, and how to sell an existing business for millions. By logical extension, you will equally discover the power of electronic media to help make you productive, as well as the Million Dollar Rolodex of contacts and information you can use to get on the road to wealth. If you will have come up with a brilliant idea for a brand-new product or service you know could transform your financial situation from poverty to wealth or probably currently own a business that pays the bills and your dream is to become fabulously successful and retire a millionaire, the book has all the answers to how you can achieve this financial feat.

Kennedy states that the book is not another dry, stuffy textbook on how to start, finance and grow a business. People do not get rich through formulas. Formulas for success never work so you will not find them in the book. Most of the methodical people are working for wages as somebody else’s bean counter. Most of the information in the book grew out of the author’s own experience and activities and is sourced from his Millionaire Maker Seminars.

Book Structure

Structurally speaking, the book is segmented into 13 chapters.

The first chapter is entitled The Eight Best Ways To (Still) Make A Fortune from Scratch in America. There must be tens of thousands of different categories and types of businesses, methods, and means of marketing and distributing products and promoting services. Maybe more. With new ones, or, at least, new hybrids being found or figured out every day. We are a very inventive society, especially when it comes to ways to make money. However, you do not need to be an innovator or pioneer if you carefully evaluate your chief objectives for bringing a product to the market or building a business as money made by pioneering is no more valuable than money earned from reliable, predictable means. A dollar is a dollar, 1 million is 1 million. The author writes that through his entrepreneurial experience and that of his clients, he has identified the eight highest probability areas of opportunity, where millions of dollars can still be made from the scratch. These eight highest probability areas are:

  • ordinary business
  • exclusive ownership or control of a particular concept
  • product or service
  • putting a service element into the product
  • adoption of duplication and multiplication strategy
  • direct marketing
  • profiting from the information age
  • making yourself famous or popular, and
  • creative, clever combinations

The author also offers three additional ways to look at businesses and business opportunities.

Chapter 2 of the book is about turning an ordinary business into an extraordinary moneymaking machine. One of the most accessible, practical ways to make a fortune is an ordinary business. It’s tough (although not impossible) to create an as-yet-unseen revolutionary product or service. But you can take what you already have, even though there may be lots of competition, and transform it into an innovative leader. To get rich with an ordinary business, you must try extraordinary marketing and promotion. The blunt truth about most small business owners is that they are incredibly lazy, ignorant, negligent marketers. There is the need for the use of strategic marketing and alliances instead of money to diversify your marketing.

In Chapters 3 to 6 of the book, Kennedy examines concepts such as how to invent, find, or gain control of enormously profitable products – how to reinvent your ways to fortune, how provision of a service can make you a millionaire, and how the amazing power of duplication can turn even simple ideas into impressive fortunes.

In Chapter 7 entitled How to Make Millions in The Exciting World of Direct Marketing, the author posits that there may be nothing more joyous than getting the day’s mail, opening envelope after envelope and taking out orders with checks and money orders and arriving at your office to find the tray of your fax machine filled with orders, and your employees taking orders on phone. What used to be called mail order, the direct marketing business today is almost irresistibly attractive. One of the best benefits of direct response advertising and direct mail is that you gain a considerable amount of information every time you advertise or mail. Your marketing is your market research and vice versa. It is relatively easy and inexpensive to test variables: one headline against another, one price against another, one media against another, and so on. It can be reasonably argued that the most significant secret to success in direct marketing is testing. Additionally, in this chapter, the author writes about how the catalogue industry could make your million for you, the basic decisions you need to make if building a business through direct response advertising, a classic example of a business built through direct response advertising, the exact ingredients for a direct mail moneymaking system of your own, etc.

In Chapters 8 to 12, Kennedy notionally x-rays concepts such as:

  • superhighways to millions
  • the brave new world of electronic direct marketing
  • how to print as much money as you want to legally
  • the incredible wealth producing secret of information products
  • how publicity and promotion can produce million-dollar business breakthroughs
  • making your millions faster by selling out than by staying in, and
  • the ultimate millionaire maker strategy

In the last chapter, that is Chapter 13; the author discusses how to use Aristotle Onassis’ biggest business secret, that is, the Million Dollar Rolodex. Late billionaire, Aristotle Onassis said that the secret to success in business is to know something nobody else knows. Along these lines, one of the most frustrating time-consuming and often costly challenges of turning ideas into profits is finding the right contacts, vendor or resources, information, and knowledge. The book discusses important notices about the Million Dollar Rolodex as well as its contents.


Stylistically speaking, the book is a success. Apart from the fact that the language yields itself to easy understanding, Kennedy deviates from the typical approach to writing a motivational book. He employs illustrative stories and biographical/autobiographical effects to arouse readers interest and create an atmosphere of strategy walking ability. What’s more, Kennedy also applies boxed precis to radiate strategy messages and enhance understanding. The book is for you if you aspire to make millions of your ideas.


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