To be successful in business, you must know how to hire and fire. When you read about the ministry of Jesus Christ in the Bible, the first thing that you will notice that he did was to recruit people who were going to work with him. He took time to pray before he hired his staff of twelve out of the crowd of people that began to follow him. There is a need for praying because it is not everyone that is suitable for every job. Also, it is critical to know the techniques for hiring people in addition to praying for the right set of people to come your way.

If you asked anybody who has had the opportunity of hiring people before, you will be surprised to find out how many people that they have had to let go within the first six months of their employ. It is usually about half. It will shock you to know how people with the most powerful well-packaged curriculum vitae and excellent performance at interviews can surprise you after being employed.

When we asked to list the assets of our organisation, there is one dimension to our assets that we are not likely to mention – the people. Because organisations say that people are assets that cannot be valued. In other words, how do you value a human being? Is he worth five hundred million nairas? So, the human asset part is kept out of the books. However, it is people that make or mar your organisation. The people in your organisation form the heart or lifeblood of your organisation.

If you have a wrong person in a position in your organisation, your business is going to suffer for it. Hiring the wrong person does not just affect the company only, it also affects the person that you have hired. You see, sometimes it is not the fault of the person that you have hired. When hires someone who is not suitable for a particular position and you have cause to complain every day, his self-esteem will eventually be battered and it will affect his performance on the job.

So, let me give you a few reasons why hiring can go bad.

First, sometimes job functions are not clearly analysed. This is very important. You tell someone that the position available is that of Client Service Officer without having a clear definition of the person’s roles and functions. What exactly do you want and what are your organisation’s needs? Are they clearly itemised?

I will be open enough to tell you the mistakes that I made. I asked my pastor some years ago the question, “How do you create jobs for your employees?” This was because, at that time, we had so many people in our employment and not much for them to do. He kept quiet for some time and then answered me with a question. “If you do not have work for them to do, why did you hire them in the first place?” Then I started laughing. I was laughing at my oversight because what he said made sense. Hiring goes bad sometimes because the job is not accurately analysed.

Secondly, hiring can go bad because the needed personality profile is not adequately analysed. Have you noticed that we humans are different? We have different temperaments and personality types. There are some personality types that are suitable for certain kinds of jobs. If you need someone for a salesman’s job, it is not likely that an introvert will be able to do it as well as someone who has an extroverted personality.

Many new employees have problems with their jobs because either their employers discover that they are not suitable for the job or some previously unknown facts come to light. I will encourage that you got through the process of hiring carefully counting on God to guide you.

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