About three years ago, we hired three people in one of our organisations and within six months, two of them were gone. It is shocking because we thought that we had done a good job in the recruitment process. As a matter of fact, the first person was out within the first two months, a few weeks after which I got a phone call from someone that I respect, warning me about the second person we employed.

Another reason why hiring goes bad is that there exists an inadequate process of screening before employment. Meeting somebody just once may not suffice. You need to set up a series of test to enhance your screening process.

Lack of interviewing techniques is another reason why hiring goes bad. There are questions you should ask in order to be able to probe and get the facts out of the prospective employee.

Another reason is that references are not checked and this is a major issue in Nigeria today. Character is in short supply in this country now and that makes it necessary that you run checks on people. You will be surprised how after employing someone and a moral failure occurs, you will then begin to hear about the person’s history. Some prospective employees list three different previous employers within a short period of time, and then it becomes necessary that you ask why. You need to know why they left their last job. It is important also that you ask about expectations in areas such as promotion and remuneration. Ask for referees and contact them. When you do, it usually throws up a lot of information that you will not get directly from the prospective employee.

If you are applying for a job and you wrote somebody’s name as a referee, you need to let the person know so that the person will not disappoint you when you need him most. I get letters from companies asking about someone whom I don’t know personally and I reply to them that I do not know the person enough to make a recommendation. I would not want to spoil anybody’s record neither will I want to lie.

When recruiting, the first step is to look for the person in-house. If you have an existing company before you throw out the word, look for the person you need within your organisation.

One company wanted to hire somebody for a management position, so they got a human resource consulting company to help them with the process. The first thing the company did was to get information on all of the existing staff and at the end of the day when they looked through, the just sent back a memo to recruiting company recommending somebody who was already in the company. In fact, the assistant to the position was the person the recommended noting that he is fantastic, just fit for the job and they sent in their bill for $25,000. The person the company was looking for was already in the house and they were engaging the services of a company to do with. So, look for the person in-house.

Secondly, pass the word around in your professional association or in your club meetings. If you explore your current relationships, that will help you a great deal instead of trying to get people who you do not know at all. You can pass the information around in your professional association, club meetings and among your friends or business associates.

Thirdly, advertise in newspapers. You will need to do it professionally or else you may not get some useful responses to your advert. That you wrote something in the newspaper is no guarantee that people will read it. The first thing you want to guarantee is that people will read it. When you read the newspaper, try to look at how other adverts are packaged and take a cue from them. The first thing for you to do is to grab attention such that people will read it. Then that can ensure that you will get at some good responses. And then you can use the radio to announce the vacancy. The important thing is to get the information out.

You will succeed!

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