Your staff are your greatest assets. Once you get to a managerial or supervisory level on your job, you must begin to have a mind shift. At the lower level on your job, your success is dependent almost entirely on your skills. Of course, to some degree, it also depends on your ability to relate with people. Statistics show that most people lose their jobs do not lose their jobs because of lack of skill, but because of their attitude towards people. If you have a problem working with people, then you have a real problem because you cannot rise beyond your ability to work with people.

Someone made these valuable observations. When you are at the factory floor level in an organisation, your success on the job depends on 75% technical skill, and 25% people skills. When you get to the supervisory level, it is 50% technical skill, and 50% people skills. When you get to the managerial or executive level, your success on the job depends on 25% technical skill and 75% people skills.

David in the Bible is an excellent example of someone who was able to develop outstanding associates from a bunch of debtors who were dissatisfied rebels. These people were social rejects, but somehow, David was able to involve a workforce that produced highly skilled people. Much more than their skills, he was able to build loyalty, dependability and reliability in his people. Their commitment so touched David that he committed his associates to God and recommended them for blessings.

My encouragement is that you should focus on getting training and deploying the best people in your business. Those are some of the most valuable activities you will carry out as an employer or manager. There will be so many things that will be crying for your attention but please never lose focus of the people factor. The quality of business or organisation cannot be better than the quality of the people inside it. The moment you create a culture or an environment that detects, develops and releases the potentials inside people, you are out to succeed as a business owner.

When your staff are in love with your company, your potential for success multiplies. Can you get your staff members to fall in love with your business or organisation? It is tough to compete with people who were in love with their work. When your employees fall in love with your company, then your competitors have some serious jobs and their hands.

We need to pay attention to our company culture and our reward system. Culture and reward systems in our environment here can be very demeaning. The kind of cultures that we have is such that some business owners and managers can be tyrants. What most supervisors and managers do to their subordinates is demoralising, and they think that is the usual way to be a manager or supervisor. A whole lot of them don’t appreciate people, and it shows in the way they talk to people.

Most business owners and managers are bosses, not leaders, and they do not understand human nature at all. If people had had a lot of options around here, some of the businesses we have around here would not have people working for them for six months.

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