Routines characterise my mornings; early morning squeals, bargaining, tears, tantrums, the rush to get the entire family’s day going, and the million and one things I need to remember and do before I dash to catch my bus. Every morning, I am running out of the house in a mad dash so that I can take the bus on time. Whenever I catch the morning bus, a certain wave of accomplishment washes over me and the days I don’t – oh well, too bad – LOL! One of the things I love about being a mum is creating fun routines which our kids love and look forward to, and one of which is my morning exit routine. The kids all come to see me off, and I request a kiss and a hug from them.

A couple of weeks ago, as I made my way out of my house in my usual hurried fashion, my little girl insisted on a hug, a kiss on her cheek and nose, plus a high five. As I finally broke away and made my typical 100-meter sprint to the bus stop, I had the most uncomfortable feeling in my right shoe. Here I was, with literally two minutes to go before the bus arrived and yet, I couldn’t run or walk any faster. Something was slowing me down. It was a discomfort I had somehow gotten used to. I had been alright the days before, but on this particular day, it was just so unbearable.

There were grains of sand in my shoes!!!!

I knew I should have gotten rid of it, days earlier, but somehow, I had managed and kept ignoring it till it had gotten to the point where I could no longer put off the discomfort around my feet. As I stopped and bent down to take my shoes off, the all so familiar sound of the bus greeted my ears. Yes, you guessed right, it arrived and swiftly sped off, leaving me and my sandy shoes behind. How dreadful! I was so close to catching the bus, but yet, I missed it simply because of the irritating sand in my shoes which I had ignored for days until it caused me to arrive late at work.  As I sat fuming in the cold, waiting fifteen mins for the next bus to arrive, I remembered a familiar scripture from the Holy Bible: Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards (Songs of Solomon 2:15). What started as just insignificant grains of sand, became such a big inconvenience that cost me time and energy.

I considered the many ways I had become comfortable with so-called little foxes in my own life. Some of such foxes are entertaining a wrong thought here and there, buying into that little lie,  and procrastinating. How about just a little more sleep, a little prayerlessness, a little gossip, a little selfishness, a little ingratitude, a little jealousy and a long list of a little this and that? Lord have mercy!!! It has been months since then, yet the lessons from the sand in my shoes have re-echoed in my ears and now more than ever, as we draw so near to the end of 2019, I feel like God is drawing my attention to the many little foxes that I allowed limit me this year. Honestly, there have been many foxes, and if I really do want my 2020 to be the year that I breakthrough on every side, then I must really look inwardly, pay close attention to, and address, habits, character flaws, wrong mindsets, negative confessions, areas of indiscipline, ignorance, appetites and predilections that have costed me and made me miss the mark this year.

What little foxes have you allowed into your life and become comfortable with that if you do not address would cost you your God-given destiny, your marriage, career, business, academics, relationships, etc? And as we sit and prayerfully review our year, it is not a time to compare ourselves with anyone else or feel discouraged by the level of progress we made, but to truly take stock and ask ourselves hard questions, and consider the little foxes impeding our full potentials from being attained.

I am praying that God would reveal them to us and grant us the grace and wisdom to re-calibrate and re-strategise. May He grant us the power to overcome repeated patterns through the help of the Holy Spirit and may our lives be flooded with God’s light and truth. May we find the courage to chase away and shut our gates, so little foxes have no access to return into our lives, in Jesus’ mighty name – Amen.

God bless and keep you!!!

You are loved and cherished!

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