Discovering the Gold Deposit Around You

The 2nd of January 2005, was a public holiday following the New Year celebration. It was a day I set aside to relax and to also put one or two things together in preparation to resume work the following day. Shortly after the morning devotion with my family, I gave an instruction that I do not want to be disturbed or receive any visitor. Immediately after my breakfast, I moved to the guest room with a cup of orange drink and one inspirational book which an uncle sent to me as Christmas gift.

As I was reading through the first chapter of the book, I received a text message on my phone from a friend who resigned his appointment with a bank a few months earlier and had travelled to London with his family in search of a white collar job. An extract of the text message read: “Sam! I got to London before I realised that I can become what I wanted in life in Nigeria without coming over to London.”

I was pondering over my friend’s message when I dosed off. Within a few minutes of my sleep, I found myself in a scene that appeared in a dream. Inside the panorama, I was negotiating with a young man who wanted me to buy his house and other household items so that he could raise money to embark on a journey in search of wealth. Apparently, he did not realise that he had some treasures deposited in the land he built the house on. After a very long time of negotiation, I agreed to buy the house at a relatively cheap price. Before packing there, I had to do some renovation, so I called on a bricklayer to work on the house. As the bricklayer was digging a hole to erect a pillar on one side of the wall, he discovered a deposit of treasures inside it and suddenly shouted:

“Gold! Gold!! Gold!!!”

When I got to the point where the bricklayer was working, there was truly a glittering surface that hosted a large deposit of gold and that was how I discovered a strong source of wealth right in my apartment. Soon after that, I became wealthy as I started trading on the valued commodity. All known kings and queens of this world suddenly became my friends.

What a loss! What a loss!! Had the young man known that he had, what could make him a rich man right in his apartment, he probably would not have sold his house to me. These were my last thoughts before I suddenly woke up from my sleep. When I realised that it was a dream, I was sad not only because the wealth I possessed in the sleep was a mere imagination but because I knew that many of us have lost the possession of our gold deposit ignorantly, which is why many of us are not financially fulfilled on the job we’re doing.

I knelt down immediately to pray and God confirmed to me that why He took me round the journey was to warn me not to carelessly dispose of my gold deposit and also to remind me that I have around me what it takes to be what I want in life. From that very day on, my prayer has always been that God should give me wisdom not to carelessly dispose of my own gold deposit and also to give me the wisdom to spot the opportunity that will navigate me to the millionaire’s club.

I have decided to share this vision with my readers because I know that there are many people today that have sold their gold deposit ignorantly in search of a make-believe wealth. Many people have mortgaged their time for an employment that does not pay them well enough. Even when they realise that God has deposited some gold in them to be an entrepreneur, some have travelled out of the country leaving abundant opportunities in Nigeria. There are even some that have allowed their creative ideas to die inside them without converting them to money making business. Have you ever wondered that before your employer can pay you a single naira, he must have made a thousand or millions of naira out of your efforts?

No matter how much your job is paying you now, it certainly cannot make you a rich man. A friend once told me that a rich man is that one that does not know how much he has in his bank account. Does your job give you such a huge amount of money that you cannot remember how much you have in your bank account? If your answer is NO, then you’re not there yet.

No matter what your gold deposit signifies, you must begin to repossess your gold from those that have purchased it. Regard this year and upcoming years as years of harvest and abundant opportunities for entrepreneurs! This column is an avenue for you to discover the deposit of entrepreneurship in you. The interpretation I have for gold deposit is vast. It includes your talent, freedom, time, competence, courage, creative ideas, and all forms of endowments and potential which could form a platform to develop the entrepreneurship in you. I learnt long ago from a retired old man who served his employer for more than 25 years, that an employee who receives wages or salary cannot be as rich as his contemporaries that share profit from their investment or business. The old man explained further that children of employees can only inherit the plaque presented by employers to their parents as long service award; whereas the children of the employers will inherit the investment made out the employee’s long years of service.

There are many of us today that are wondering how to spot business opportunities or identify their potential and talent. They work all their lives helping others to build their business. Many do not believe that opportunities to become successful entrepreneurs still exist. Some people have been in business for so many years but are yet to break through. Some of us on paid employment have put in more than 20 years in an organization and yet we are still living miserably even when it is glaring that we could do better if we were to start our own business.

The problem is not because there are no opportunities again. The problem is how to discover the opportunities. There are so many opportunities that are wasting away because we lack the wisdom to identify the treasure around us. Though it appears the country is hard, there are people who are still making it. New businesses are springing up, and believe me, just yesterday, some people crossed over to the millionaire’s club.

Then what are you waiting for? Some of us were in this country (Nigeria) in the 90s when the likes of Sweet Sensation, Tantalizers, Success Digest Magazine and a host of other entrepreneurs started their businesses amidst the austerity and recession in the economy.

Let us stop complaining. The opportunities to get rich are just within our reach. The little you have is really a gold deposit to start the business you have been nursing. That free weekend you are wasting is gold deposit to start something reasonable. The uncommon talent you are wasting is also a gold deposit which could be commercialised to make money. The ideas you are nursing in your heart right now requires just a little push before they begin to fetch you millions of naira!

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