John 4:34, John:13, Jeremiah 1:4-5.


A purpose is the intention, aim or reason for doing or having a thing. But purpose in my definition is a guiding vision for your life. God’s original intention for your creation. Your function on earth or what is needed in a situation or what to do. Why you live on earth. Something that is to be done/is done deliberately. Life is all about purpose. Your purpose is your life.

Two things are vital in life.

Every Life is for a Purpose

In John 4: 34, Jesus says, “My meat (decision) is to do the will (purpose) of him that sent me and to finish (fulfil) his work.”  That is Jesus preaching about purpose. Dear reader, our purpose on earth is not our choice but our discovery. It is not what we feel but why God created us and sent us here. You never came, you were sent. Your life loses your life loses value without a purpose.

Nothing has ever been or will ever be without a specific purpose. Spoons, plates, phones, shoes, books, keys, are all manufactured for specific purposes. In the same way, everything God created has a purpose. There is a specific purpose for you and a divine intention for your creation. Years ago, a friend said to me, “no person should be rightly called a leader in Christendom who has not known why he’s here.” I believe that for our walk in whatever field of life to be effective, there must be a clear understanding as to why we are here! It purposeful life, wife, husband, student, worker, or leader is bound to carry out this task with a clear sense of direction and consequently achieve more success and probably be more fulfilled, than someone who does not know why he is here. The greatest discovery in life is the discovery of why you are here on earth. That is the discovery of purpose. You don’t decide purpose, you discover it. A purpose is not a career, not a job, but a divine responsibility. Beloved, just as a product’s purpose is determined by its manufacturer, so does God, our creator, determine our purpose.

Everybody Has a Need

Someone’s needs exactly where you are here on earth. Mike Murdock wrote, “everything God creates has as a specific purpose. It solves problem(s). You meet people’s needs and someone needs you! People meet your needs, while you meet someone’s else’s needs!

People are hurting and dying. Someone’s purpose is the cure. Your purpose can heal and cure if you discover and use it. Most times we get so caught up in our jobs and mere achievements that we forget God’s purpose for us is to provide value to people. True achievement is the fulfilment of purpose. Dear, like the inventor that has produced what he thinks will help humanity, only for the invention to be used for the destruction of those same people, God is not happy except we fulfil our purpose. Peoples and nations have needs that you have the privilege to meet. Yet the needs can’t be made except purpose is known and fulfilled. Purposed cannot be fulfilled until it is discovered.

Beloved, God didn’t create you to increase the world population, but as a solution to your nation and generation. We can’t fake or pretend any longer. The ward is dying and only men who have discovered their purpose can solve her problems and meeting needs. We complement each other. No man is an oasis of knowledge and ideas. Life is a summary of needs to be met.

Ways to Discover Your Purpose

  • Purpose can be discovered through prophecy which must be confirmed personally.
  • What you hate or love or experience could be a clue to your purpose; example Joseph (Genesis 45:5).
  • Revelation; 1 Corinthians 2:7 -12
  • Ask God for it – James 1:5; Matthew 7: 7-8

Benefits of Purpose  

  • Purpose gives you direction
  • Purpose gives you destination
  • Purpose helps you determine what is right.
  • Purpose creates passion and passion compliments fulfilment.
  • Purpose dignifies a man; you are unique with purpose
  • Purpose glorifies God for it is His pleasure (Revelation 4: 11)

Meditate on the Following:

  • God’s purpose for your life and the need to fulfil it.
  • The question of your life is meaningless without purpose.
  • Where you are purposeful, every pain is gain not in vain.
  • A purpose is not something God is trying to do, you were born with it.
  • Just as an elder cannot stop the younger from growing, so also nobody’s purpose can stop your true purpose.
  • The difference between me and you is the purpose.
  • When the purpose is discovered and given attention, heavens reacts with a provision.
  • If you have not found out the “why” of your living then no doubt you only existing.
  • There is no full view may accept you at the place of your assignment.
  • You are not everybody, not anybody, not nobody but somebody. Do something

Keyword: Creation is the intention of God, a destination is the decision of man. Your life counts!

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