We are living in a world where everything is happening fast. Customers expectations have changed, with delays in supplying goods or services no longer acceptable. The old days of “We will get it to you in a few weeks” are gone. Even though not all businesses can offer instant action, most can improve the speed of their operation. Below are some of the shortcomings of some businesses as observed by Andrew Griffiths.

  • Poor customer processing: Some of the businesses just cannot seem to get the hang of serving more than one customer at a time. One is therefore amazed at how many large corporations do not seem to be able to do this either. If you always have a sea of people waiting at your counter, devise effective ways of speeding things up and making everything look more organised. For instance, some international banks offer a great service for business accounts where you put your deposit into an envelope and drop it into a special box. No waiting and no queuing up.
  • Slow telephone answering: These businesses always take ten rings before they answer. Then the person who finally answers is distracted because the phones are still ringing in the background, so you don’t get full attention. These companies are obviously already very busy, and they must be losing a lot of business because customers stop waiting for them to answer the phone.
  • The “we will have to order it in” businesses: Some businesses never seem to have what you want in stock, but never fear, they can order it in and it will take only six weeks! Forget it – the sale is gone! Customers want it now, and if you cannot supply what they want immediately, they will go to another place where their demands will be met.
  • The “I will call you back” businesses: These ones infuriate everybody. These businesses promise to call you back when your order comes in or when it is repaired or to give you a quote and they never do. Experience has shown that most of the above problems occur with companies that have grown rapidly. The businesses are finding it hard to cope with the influx of new customers. Unfortunately, if they fail to do something about their slow service, the number of new customers will slowly dwindle.

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