When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. — Paul.

My second son gives colour to our household. He is witty, fun loving and spontaneous. We call him “Colourful”. He has that name for a reason. We believe he was given to us to spice up our lives. His older brother sets the tone for law and order in the house and executes the mandate of mum and dad. So, there is a balance.

Colourful is the guy that will dress for bedtime. Not with pyjamas. Of course not! Depending on his mood, he might wear a suit or put on beach glasses. We just let him be and he enjoys himself performing for the household. Colourful does not walk, he runs. I think somewhere in his head there is a section that admonishes him daily and often times — “why walk when you can run.”

He is forever dancing. Oh, such a bubbly presence. His essays in school are things that I should work on. The stories are a syzygy of his thoughts and personality; a true reflection of him. He talks about bobsledding from here to outer space. He talks about melting sand. He goes on and on. “Aint no sunshine, when he is away.” True speak.

Let me not bore you with stories for pictures speak more than a thousand words. See below:

When I was a child,

  • I spake as a child,
  • I understood as a child,
  • I thought as a child:

but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

Remember this quote from Apostle Paul? My pastor (Maxwell Ogaga on expounded on it about three years ago and I gleaned wisdom from it.

Have you noticed the order? He spake before he understood, that was even before he thought about it. That’s the pattern of kids. For no fault of theirs, they speak before they think. They just regurgitate the information that they have been exposed to without thinking about it.

That simply means that the way to put away childish things is to reverse the order. You are to do it as thus:

  • I thought as a man/woman,
  • I understood as a man/woman,
  • I spoke as a man/woman.

Some days ago, while having our bedtime Bible Study, I told my kids that God expects us to follow His instructions rather than let our experience guide us. I told them that is what having faith is about. …. trusting enough to follow. And so, I gave an example trying to demonstrate the foolishness of experimenting with sleeping on the roof. Then I went on to ask, “why don’t people sleep on their roofs?” What followed were the unscripted thoughts of acting your age or maybe … too many cartoons.

– So that the bad guys will not come for us.

– So the insects will not bite us.

– So that a meteor will not fall on us.

I had to halt it at some point because it was almost time for bed and they could not focus on the obvious. I went on to say that no one has talked about falling off the roof. Colourful interjected. “that is not a problem Dad, you could put some glue on the roof and sleep on it”. Very bright answer. Now you know why we call him Colourful.

  • He spoke as a child,
  • He understood as a child,
  • He thought as a child:


So what thoughts are you dyeing your soul with this weekend? Selah. Ponder.

Have a lovely one.



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