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After a Christian has accepted the gift of salvation through faith in the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and as he or she grows and matures in the Lord (continuing sanctification), there will be some changes in how he or she thinks. As a Christian, we find that our hearts (soul) grows more and more in agreement with God and His law (which is spiritual), but our flesh will still want to go the way of the world. All true born-again Christians have a split personality, so to speak. And even when you work not to sin (you don’t work to stay saved), sin still happens along your path of Christian growth. Paul sums it up quite well in Romans 7:21-25 KJV. This submenu is a compendium of profound, intense essays that are concerned about our heart’s knowledge about God’s love which grows in our Christian walk. They are tailored to aid understanding from the heart, the effects of sin and lawlessness on ourselves and others.

When the Editors of Ekklesia Magazine, requested that I write on this topic, I must confess that I first wanted to decline writing on this subject matter. The following were my reasons: The subject at first, to me, seemed so vague and abstract. In my ministry experience, I had not preached or taught directly on this …

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I see a beautiful landscape all around me. Lush green vegetation and rocky contours of land surface between peacefully flowing rivers. I feel the sweetness of mild wetness of the atmosphere. A terrain straight out of Nat-Geo-Wild. I was all alone, or so I thought, for I could see no one else. I was in …

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