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This submenu is concerned with providing tips and advice for sound Christian education by the precepts of the Bible. Children or adult students are unique and need to guided and nurtured to their full potential as individuals. We recognise God’s unique design for everyone and seek herein to provide nuggets that will mould scholars in the character of Christ while integrating them with the stable building blocks of a prosperous education. Christian Education begins with the conviction to trust God and to seek Him for every step of our education.

My thanks go to the Management, Staff and Students of all great colleges. Thank you, teachers, for having empowered another set of future leaders that we are sending forth as change agents into the world today. Many kudos to us, the parents of the graduates and other parents here present. We are all labourers in …

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All forms and levels of academic examinations tend to cause stress for the majority of the students who are to participate therein. The months of May/June of every year are synonymous with the schedule of exams for the senior secondary school level. If there is a barometer for measuring national exam stress levels, it would …

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