Opportunity is a favourable time, occasion, or set of circumstances for doing something. The effective and maximum use of opportunity results in success. We must learn to recognise and convert to advantage the opportunities that God will bring across your path this year.

Time itself is an opportunity. It is a convertible resource. It can be converted to money, favour, beautiful relationships and promotion. The best way for us to control tomorrow is to control today. All of us have enough opportunities to succeed in life. Anyone who has time has an opportunity. Whether we convert such opportunities to our advantage is a different matter.

Joseph, in the Bible, was sold into slavery by his brothers. He found himself in a military officer’s house in another country, and he saw it as an opportunity to develop his managerial skills. He did the job so well that his boss promoted him and put him in charge of all his whole household. Later, because his master’s wife lied against him, Joseph was thrown into prison. Again, he saw an opportunity to develop his leadership skills. Also, he sharpened his ability to interpret dreams. It was someone for whom he interpreted dreams that recommended him in the palace, which eventually led to his breakthrough.

Dear reader, all of us have opportunities to succeed. Unfortunately, most people do recognise opportunity when they see it. They only see problems. It is what you look for that you recognise. If you are problem conscious, you will only see problems in situations. But if you look for opportunities in life, other people’s problems will be your opportunities.

Opportunities are like diamonds in their rough and dirty undeveloped state. It takes trained eyes to recognise them. Most people pass opportunities by because they are not yet cut to size and sparkling like diamonds. Look out for opportunities because they usually do not announce their coming. Let me encourage you, dear reader, don’t wait for opportunities; create them! The man who sits and waits for his opportunities to show up may have to wait for a long time. Don’t wait for your opportunities for they may never find you. Go for them!

The way to start your search for opportunities is to bloom where you are planted. Use your present opportunity, however little, to the best of your ability. Give it your best shot. An opportunity grasped and used well produces at least one other opportunity. Don’t conserve energy or skill when you serve others. Your success in your present job will qualify you for greater opportunities. You must be diligent. Don’t run from problems, solve them. Remember, life’s greatest opportunities come disguised as obstacles.

To discover opportunities, you must also recognise needs. See how you can meet those needs. One man’s problem is another man’s opportunity. People need to move from location to the other; that is an opportunity for a transportation business. We all need to eat; what an awesome opportunity for caterers. We need to wear clothes; that is an opportunity for fashion designing. Our country today is green with myriads of business opportunities disguised as problems.

Look around you today. Go for opportunities. Ask for them and seek for them. Everyone that asks receives. Everyone that seeks will find, and to him that knocks, the door will be opened. The opportunities that will change your life are very close to you. I pray that God will open your eyes to recognise them.

You will succeed!

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