Breaking the Strongholds of Delay

Title: Breaking the Strongholds of Delay (Revised Edition).

Author: Tony Olukoyede.

Page Number: 117

Publishers:  Dreamland Information Publishing, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Revised Copyright Date: 2007.

Type of Book: Trade Paperback.

General Subject Matter: Victorious Christian living

ISBN: 978–37751-9-7

Book Format & Organisation: The book is the standard 51/2 x 8 size of a trade paperback. Its binding is perfect with a resultant superb stem, matt lamination, and 100g paper. It is divided into nine (9) chapters. It has a table of content, introduction, and acknowledgment pages.

Cover Design: There is no specific acknowledgment by the author or his publishers for the cover design of this book, which is a picture of a sledgehammer lying on reddish-brown brown soil, with the wordings of title, author and edition gracefully above. Some of the wordings of the title like “Strongholds” & “Delays” are embossed to give the book a beautiful feel and look.

Special Features: TIhere are no maps, pictures or index inside the book. However, every chapter of this book is summarised. Chapter 3, 5-9, all begin with quotations, either from the Bible or notable men. At the conclusion of every chapter, there is a “Group Discussion Points,” and sometimes assignments, which are regular features of evangelical literature. The Group Discussion Points is an activity proposition which should be very useful in church settings where multiple readers are involved.

Price: Not stated.

Purpose:  The author’s purpose of writing the book need not be discerned; it is obvious right from the cover page of the book where he states the purpose as: “Discover power principles to help you break free from every limitation and fulfil the God-ordained purpose for your life.”

The introduction of the book buttresses the assertion that a Christian can and should live in victory if he or she is totally dependent on God. The book appears to be written specifically for those Christians who have experienced one form of delay or setbacks in their lives. It aims at equipping Christians with seven forces outlined in the ensuing chapters, for breaking the strongholds of delay.

Chapter Review:  In the first chapter of the book titled, “Two Sides of a Coin,” the author insists that there are two sides to every destiny while employing the analogy of Israel’s journey from Egypt to Canaan. His descriptions and narratives portray life as a battlefield where Christians must fight their enemies in order to enter their Canaan. In this first chapter, like in the subsequent chapters, the author illustrates his points with the aid of personal experiences and interjections of prophetic prayers and declarations. In this first chapter, the author list three (3) factors responsible for the delay in human endeavours.

Chapter 2, titled “In the Beginning,” focuses on the efficacy of the Word of God as a tool of offence against the strongholds of delay. In this chapter, the author provides seven (7) guidelines on how to hear from God.

Chapter 3, titled, “The Force of Supplication,” is the actually where the author begins his exposition on the supernatural and divine forces required to confront the strongholds of delay and setbacks. The author defines supplication and states its purport, providing a familiar imagery with the story of the children of Israel in Egypt (Exodus 2: 23-25). The author provides six (6) principles of supplication and a further four (4) from Acts 12:1-11; 21-24. This chapter also lists four (4) major ingredients of effective prayer.

Chapter 4 is titled “The Force of Mercy.” In this chapter, the author expounds on mercy as a necessary gift from God that will conquer the strongholds of delay. The author points out that mercy is the pivot of salvation and every other miracle and blessings from God. The author cites the story of Blind Bartemeus and his encounter with Jesus (Mark 10: 46-52) as a case study on how to invoke God’s mercy. In concluding this chapter, the author also outlines the benefits of walking in God’s mercy.

Chapter 5 is a chapter that is themed on the purport of faith, the benefits of having faith and how a Christian can receive faith, although it is simply titled “Taking Steps.”

Chapter 6 is titled “The Force of Patience.” It is interesting that the author opens this chapter with a nursery rhyme which most of us may have recited during our childhood days. In this chapter, the author harps on the importance of patience as a virtue which a Christian must possess. It is the author’s own way of exhorting Christians to wait on God and trust in His Word to be eventually fulfilled in their lives.

Chapter 7 is titled “The Force of Service.” The author’s emphasis in this chapter is that a Christian who desires to break the stronghold of delay needs to get into serving and worshipping God. The author states that our provision is hinged on service to our Source, who is God. The author compares a serving Christian to a fruit-bearing tree, prominently the Cedar of Lebanon. The author provides three (3) qualifications for service in God’s kingdom.

Chapter 8 is titled “The Force of Giving.” The author asserts that the very hallmark of Christianity is giving which is the nature of God. He points out that delay in financial prosperity is rooted in self-centredness and greed. The author provides four (4) reasons why every believer must give and he further lists seven (7) major channels of giving. He also delves into tithing and the benefits of tithing.

Chapter 9, the last and concluding chapter of the book expounds on what the figurative Egypt and Canaan represent in the life of believers. The author is quick to point out that Egypt or the “wilderness period” is a training period. He asserts emphatically that the moment purpose is discovered, the delay will be defeated.

Evaluation:  “Breaking the Strongholds of Delay” is an expository book which is worth buying and placing proudly on your bookshelf. The author draws lavishly from the Bible and notable international authors like John Mason, T.D. Jakes, and Josh Billings, amongst others, to establish his points. This book is a useful read for anyone who is struggling with a delay in any facet of his or her life.

The author should be commended for a theologically accurate and inspiring write-up. However, Breaking the Strongholds of Delay should have elucidated further on the believer’s authority in Christ, regarding breaking strongholds of delay. Of course, the author did elaborate on how to activate the Word of God in the new birth experience in Chapter 2 and how believers can activate their faith in Chapter 5. Nonetheless, in my humble opinion, more pages should have spent on elucidating the privileges of the new birth and legal right to the name of JESUS as a means of breaking the strongholds of delay. A Christian who fully reckons his or place in Christ should ordinarily not be living in defeat for a protracted period of his earthly life.

Overall, this is a superb book in 119 pages!

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