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Wayne Cordeiro, the author of this book entitled Attitudes that Attract Success is the Senior Pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Oahu, a church that was planted in September 1995. Cordeiro was raised on Oahu, and he lived in Japan for three years. He then moved to Oregon where he finished his schooling and ministry training during the next 12 years. Cordeiro served with Youth for Christ for seven years and as a Staff Pastor for three years at Fate Centre Foursquare Church in Eugene, Oregon, before returning to Hawaii. The author is an accomplished songwriter and performer who has released six albums. He travels extensively throughout the islands, the continental United States and Asia to speak at conferences, churches, civic gatherings, high school assemblies, business fora and leadership conventions. Cordeiro also speaks to businesses, companies and corporations about restructuring and growth strategies.

According to this author, many people are not that far from a life of joy and success, stressing that with just a little adjustment, life would come in loud and clear for them. Cordeiro reflects that your attitude is where that small change must be made. According to him, attitude can mean the difference between success and failure, stressing that someone once said that the difference between people is tiny and that minimal differences are enormous indeed. This motivational speaker asserts that living a life of joy and success is something God has already wired into your design. In other words, God has planned your future to be one of success, especially since He takes no joy or glory in a mediocre life.

Cordeiro writes that he loves to watch people, especially the successful ones in business, relationships and finances, and he has learnt the reason for their success. According to him, success does not happen by accident; people do not just stumble on it by chance. Cordeiro submits that what a willing student of life needs to do is to examine the solid reasons for the success of successful people, and learn that anyone can develop an attitude that attracts success. The author observes that in heroes, well-known or unsung; you will find one common thread, one common denominator, which is, the right attitude. He says that people who are useful have used setbacks as stepping stones; whereas ineffective people have used them as excuses. Your attitude is more important than you will ever realise; it is the most important thing about you, more important than your education, your past, your looks all your money. Your attitude will help you make friends or cause you to make enemies. In other words, it will attract people to you or repel them. Your attitude is even more important than your skills in determining your ability to succeed. To reinforce this assertion, Cordeiro quotes John D. Rockefeller thus: “I will pay a man more for his attitude and his ability to get along with others than any other skill he may possess.” The author adds that your attitude is one of your most important assets.

Book Structure

The book is compartmentalised into nine chapters.

Chapter One: This section is titled Make Your Choice. Going by way of Biblical allusion here, God tells us that the choice between life and death, between a blessing or a curse, is up to us. God not only gives us a choice, but he tells us the type of choice we should make. He (God) shows us the benefits of making the right decision, and he lets us know the consequences should we choose otherwise. You are one attitude away from a great life, a successful marriage and a promising future, especially if you can deposit into your heart, the necessary ingredients to develop a life-changing attitude and make the right choice now.

Chapter Two: This chapter borders on the need for you to believe that you can change. No one has been given an unalterable attitude. You can change, but it’s up to you. Decide now how you will want to approach life and develop that kind of attitude. A new attitude doesn’t happen on its own. You must develop it, and the sooner you begin, the better. Some people hide behind the excuse that they cannot change, and the author stresses that it is never too late to change, especially if that change is indispensable to growth. If you stop changing, you stop growing. And if you stop growing, you are in trouble!

Chapters Three – Five: In these sections, the author notionally x-rays the concept of the need to train your eyes to see what is good; raising the bar of excellence and playing the right background music.

Chapter Six: This chapter is titled Practice, Practice, Practice! To achieve conceptual consolidation, the author quotes Hebrews 5:14 as follows, “but solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have the senses trained to discern good and evil.” As with the learning of any sport or musical instrument, the more you practice developing an attitude of excellence, the more profitable you will become at it. Learning to develop a right attitude doesn’t happen by accident. It needs to be intentional and deliberate-nothing less. Your first attempts may seem awkward, but keep practising it!

Chapters Seven – Nine:  These chapters are based on the concepts of never giving up; finishing well and going back to the source. Your attitude is the expression of your faith and the display of your character. The bottom line of developing an attitude that attracts success is not simply found in positive thinking. God is the only one I know who can change the human heart. The government can’t, money won’t and ideal circumstances don’t. Without God, our efforts will be futile at best.” Going by way of by biblical allusion the author asserts that unless the Lord builds the house, it’s builders labour in vain.


One thing that conspicuously works for Cordeiro in this book is the simplicity of his language. He employs a lot of biblical allusions as well as literary/classical allusions to achieve notional consolidation and concrete conviction. To ensure artistic diversification, Cordeiro also embroiders this work with poems as can be found on pages 37 and 110-111 the book. He uses a lot of illuminating illustrations and stories to ensure easy understanding. The layout of the text also makes it optically seductive. According to the author, the book is for leaders, business people, homemakers and young people, adding that no matter what your background is, or what your occupation may be, the principles of the book can transform your life and relationships. It is simply a must-have and the must-study

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