The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork (Psalm 19:1)

Florida, otherwise known as the “Sunshine State” is in the south-eastern part of the USA. It is known for its great tourist attractions. It is the home of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Holy Land Experience, Universal Studios and the Kennedy Space Centre (KSC), and host to National Aeronautical Space Administration(NASA), to mention a few.

I left Lagos on a Delta Airlines flight to MCO Airport, Orlando, Florida, via Jackson Hartfield Airport, Atlanta, Georgia. I then took a cab to my hostess location in Clermont, Florida. We scheduled a visit to the Kennedy Space Centre, which is located in Cape Canaveral, a sliver of land off Florida’s east coast on a Saturday. The drive from Clermont to KSC took about an hour twenty-five minutes; thanks to the dexterity of my friend on the wheels and of course the GPS!

On arrival at the Kennedy Space Centre, I pinched myself to confirm that I was not dreaming! I have always been interested in the heavenlies, angels, space travels and astronauts, and this was my dreams becoming a reality. We presented our tickets and went on for security screening before we could gain entrance into the Centre. Finally, we were allowed into the Centre, and the tour commenced. There were series of activities at the KSC, but the most remarkable were the Lunar Theatre, the Apollo/Saturn V Centre and the Shuttle Launch experience.

In the Lunar Theatre, we were shown a detailed documentary on the history of space travel in the US. We also had the opportunity to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon where he made the famous statement, “a small step for a man but a giant leap for mankind.” He talked about the importance of parents teaching their kids to take away the word “impossible” from their vocabulary as this will enable children to reach their full potentials in life.

The Apollo/Saturn V Centre features a 363-foot moon rocket!!! It is a real marvel to behold. It also has the firing room theatre which re-creates an Apollo rocket launch.

The shuttle launch experience was the most sought after activity. The queue of tourist waiting to have this experience was unbelievably long. We almost decided to leave the queue, but I was so glad we saw it through. It involves a realistic simulation of an actual space shuttle launch which includes shaking motion/vibration, loud noise, visual and lighting effects. All participants are required to be in excellent physical and mental conditions, and this was announced severally, that I almost chickened out at the last minute. But in the true “Naija” spirit, I got into the space shuttle, and I had a most thrilling experience.

On my flight, back to Nigeria I could not help but marvel at the importance of educational tours, the seemingly endless potential for the conquest of his environment, and the omniscience mighty God that had endowed man with such scientific abilities. I’ll advise everyone – next time you travel anywhere, make out time aside from shopping and see a historical or educational site. It will broaden your horizon in a way you never imagined possible.

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