… Ben’s doorbell clattered noisily, jerking him awake. Reaching for his torch, Ben flashed the beam on the alarm clock beside his bed. It was almost midnight. Who could this late hour caller be? He wearily pulled himself up and sat bolt upright. Ben reluctantly tied his pyjamas drawstrings and staggered out to answer the door. He looked through the peephole and saw a feminine figure that looked a lot like his younger sister. He was worried that she was in trouble and he quickly opened the door to see no other person than Augusta who stood there gazing suggestively at him.

“Hello, Ben,” she murmured in her usual seductive, sensual purr. “Mind if I come in?”

She did not wait for his reply before quickly letting herself in. She had never imagined that she would bother him again, but a sudden deep longing for his touch had overwhelmed her this evening, compelling her to pay him this surprise visit at this time of the night.

“Aren’t you going to offer me a drink?” she asked as she sank into the sofa she had so often laid on. Ben just stood staring at her, but an alarm bell was ringing.

“Send her away. She’s back to ruin you. The kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force,” a voice from within warned.

“Hear her first! You never know what brought her here in the first place,” another voice advised.

“If you don’t throw her out now, you’ll lose the battle,” the first voice counselled.

Ben continued to stare at her, his eyes aflame with anger. He suddenly noticed that she had parted her jacket and that there was no underwear under the virtually transparent rayon blouse.

“Ben, look at that her sweet body that you so much loved to touch. Will you let her go just like that?” the other voice enquired.

“Can a man take fire in his bosom and his clothes not be burned? Ben, cast away every abomination of your eyes, and defile not yourself with her. Don’t look at her again.”

“Take her for this night and send her away first thing tomorrow. No one will know.”

“Ben, don’t grieve me again.”

“Ben, take her! Take her! Take her!”

“I miss you, Ben,” Augusta announced suddenly, breaking into Ben’s mental conflict. She was blinking up at Ben with her lovely huge eyes.

“You’re not serious, Augusta. Just get out of my house before I kill you this night,” Ben growled.

“Sweetheart, things have not been the same since we split up,” she moaned.

“Since you lied to me and I found out that you were unfaithful. Come on, let’s get it right!” he corrected.

“Son, I’m warning you not to enter into a conversation with her. Just show her the way out. There should be no compromises,” the first voice ordered.

“How can you send out a lady at this time of the night? Hear her first. You don’t even know what brought her here!” the other voice appealed.

“Don’t take it that way. I can explain why I was at Morris’ place that night and why I lied to you that I was not in town,” Augusta said, her eyelashes fluttering provocatively.

‘I don’t need your explanations,” he barked, “now leave my house!”

Augusta looked up at him, her eyes smouldering with disbelief. But she did not give up. “Well, anyway, here we are, Ben. You and me,” Augusta began as she rose from the sofa to stand an inch away from him and fan his face with her moist breath.

The scene was becoming intimate now. Ben was in his pyjamas in the middle of the night facing a beautiful woman he once loved and lost. Augusta stretched out her hand to brush Ben’s cheek. She knew from the past that Ben could not resist her stroking.

“How about giving it another try, sweetheart,” she said as she moved nearer and closed her eyes, waiting, waiting with dark, parted, moist lips for his kiss. There was silence between them …



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