8 Tips for Kingdom Builders

Keep God first in all things. It is often tempting to set aside our personal communion with God when projects, jobs, and businesses are in high gear. The confidence that we gain from success and the pressure of a busy schedule both work to diminish our desire to wait upon the Lord. But the truth is that kingdom building can never be successful without frequent communion with the One who owns the kingdom. The kingdom is God’s and He holds the blueprint for all that needs to be done. He also has the wisdom and resources that are needed for the work. Depending on Him for insight and direction cuts tonnes of time, effort, and resources that would otherwise be wasted if we insist on doing things in our own wisdom and strength.

Pursue excellence. There is sometimes found among Christians the false belief that trusting God for victory negates the pursuit of excellence. Nothing is further from the truth! All of God’s works—His creation and all that He has done—makes it evident that He is a God of excellence. His work through Old Testament Israel bears witness to a God who pays careful attention to detail and empowers people to attain awe-inspiring outcomes.

When He leads us by His Spirit, we find Him prodding us to do our work to the highest standard possible. This is not about flamboyance or extravagance, but rather about using the resources within our means optimally for best results. It is God’s will that the persons and things that represent Him bring glory, not reproach, to His name.

Be hard-working. God does not condone laziness. Working for Him whether, in the home, office or church is hard work. There are 32 verses in the Bible that speak against slothfulness and/or call for determination and urgency in work. Our Lord Jesus Christ instructed His disciples to be dressed ready for service and keep their lamps burning (Luke 12v35). He said that those servants whom their master will find doing their jobs well when he returns will be given charge over all that the master owns. Paul reiterated this teaching when he counseled the Roman Christians not to be lazy, but to work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically (Romans 12v11). This is the model we should follow in whatever we do, knowing that it pleases God and secures great rewards for us.

Prioritize integrity. There is no easier way to destroy the work of God’s kingdom than by living a sinful, impure, or underhanded life. Bad news travels and it travels fast. Bad news about Christians, in particular, spreads because our adversary is quick to point out that our claims do not match our character. We should, therefore, strive to work in ways that are worthy of the God that we serve. We should recognize that our ministries are never about the work we do alone, but always include the way we do what we do in God’s name.

Seek discernment. There is the well-known saying that not all that glitters is gold. This is particularly true in our world today. When He sent out His disciples, our Lord Jesus Christ told them to be harmless as doves but wise as serpents. This should be a guiding principle in our work, businesses, ministries and day-to-day lives. Some who come in Christ’s name actually seek their own benefits and care nothing for His glory. We should, therefore, be wise in our interactions, frequently looking inward for the discernment of the Holy Spirit.

Money is not everything, but money is a necessary enabler. One of the weapons that the devil uses to incapacitate believers is financial lack. Life can hardly go on when there is a substantial lack of resources. Whereas we should not place our confidence in wealth, we do need financial resources to run our lives, families, businesses, and ministries. When God’s provision for us in this area is secure, we are better able to focus on and execute the work of His kingdom and to be a blessing to those in need. Therefore, we should keep watch over our finances, looking steadily to God for wisdom, provision, and financial protection.

Do not neglect family. In speaking about the qualities that should characterise leaders and servants within the local church, the Bible specifies that they must be committed to their wives, attentive to their children and manage their households well[1]. Though written specifically for the local church, these qualities apply just as much to others who serve within God’s broader kingdom.

Family is of great importance to the Lord. His dealings with patriarchs like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob teach us that He perpetuates His kingdom through families. Intelligent attention to our families, therefore, should be a priority. Marriages should be kept strong to guard against infidelity. Children and family bonding should be prioritised.

Embrace selflessness. Our Lord Jesus Christ taught that everything in God’s Law and the prophets hangs on the commandments to love God with all our hearts, souls, and minds, and to love others as well as we love ourselves[2]. The Lord expects us to care for ourselves. However, this should not be our primary preoccupation. We should give precedence to the love of God and careful attention to loving others. Self-centeredness has no place in God’s kingdom. To build His kingdom for real, we must train our souls to focus on doing everything for God’s glory and to have serious consideration for others.


[1] 1 Timothy 3:1-13

[2] Matthew 22:34-40, The Message Bible


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