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Alan Mushegan Jnr., the author of the motivational text published by Life Bridge Books, is the founder and director of Full Ministries, Atlanta, Georgia, one of America’s premier youth ministries. Mushegan is a renowned conference speaker. His television programme Full Turn is seen the world over via satellite and Internet.

Book Synopsis

According to Mushegan, the book is not about choosing a hero, but becoming one. Rather than being a manual on how to win a gold medal at the Olympics, the book is a step-by-step guide to championing living, irrespective of the area you choose.

The book teaches you how to keep your past from destroying your destiny, where to place your focus for achievement, how to catch the spirit of a hero, what to see when people tell you NO, and how to tap into the secret power. It offers you the keys to overcoming a zero start, what your Creator says about your future, etc. Simply put, it teaches you how you can transform your living state from nothingness to greatness.

Book Structure

Structurally speaking, the book is compartmentalised into 17 chapters based on the specified number of steps.

Chapter 1 is entitled, Visualise the Victory, the first step to moving from zero to hero. Have you ever watched prize-winning gymnast perform their routine? Look closely. You can almost see them go through the motions of their next move before their body springs into action. They visualise the victory – seeing themselves in the perfect form from start to finish. Your imagination is a powerful tool. The author states that since he was old enough to remember, he had been taught: If you can see it, you can achieve it. The author quotes Mark Twain thus: “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” If you see yourself accomplishing something out of your comfort zone, you have just taken the first step to reaching new heights by doing something you have never done before. When you picture yourself achieving the impossible, the image will become a possibility. It’s not that you are deceiving yourself, you are finally realising the abilities you have always possessed. As the Bible expresses it: “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). Quoting Carl Sandburg, Mushegan submits that nothing happens unless first a dream. Go beyond the present. Just because you have the knowledge and ability to function in an assignment does not mean you will excel.

Chapter 2 of the book is entitled Focus on the Destination, Not the Journey. In the second step to being a hero, the author reflects that the long road named Champion is littered with obstacles, yet if you stay on the path and follow the proper signs, you will reach your objective. The problem is that most well-intentioned people become so caught up in the journey that they never make it to their destination. It is so easy to become side-tracked. Often, we have noble plans until something pops up to distract us. You’ve had an important project to accomplish, yet the task stays in limbo because your attention is diverted.

Chapter 3 to 7 of the book are respectively based on the need to start with what you have, catching the speed of a hero, joining forces, disallowing your past to determine your future, and believing that you are a champion.

In Chapter 8 entitled Get Tough on Yourself, the author asserts that the title hero does not come easily as there is always a steep price to pay. To achieve notional reinforcement, the author quotes William Jenny Byran as follows: “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” At times, you are your own enemy. The battle you face and inner conflict between your mind and your spirit often result in fear. Your spirit may be driving you forward, yet your mind is taunting you, “Don’t do it! You may fail! You may even get hurt!” To defeat the enemy of faith, you must not only be committed to change, but passionate about finding the winner within, and this will take all the self-discipline you can muster. In other words, you need to get tough on yourself. Going by way of mathematical analysis, Mushegan didactically proffers an equation that will help you overcome your fears and allow you to walk in the faith which is Discipline + Desire = Achieving your Dream.

In Chapters 9 to 13, the author explicitly discusses the concepts of never listening to the crowd, sticking to the plan, giving like a champion, tapping into your hidden power and becoming a servant.

Chapter 14 of the book is entitled Learn from the Master Teacher, the 14th step of moving from zero to hero. Like the Phoenix, true heroes will often arise out of the ashes. The Lord will miraculously take the things we least expect and use them to transform our lives. When you place yourself totally in the hands of the Lord, he will transform your weakness into strength, and your abilities into true power. Cling to the promises of God and he will teach you everything necessary to be a champion.

In Chapters 15 to 17, the author respectively examines Steps 15 to 17 with concepts such as breaking the barriers, taking a bold leap forward, and being a hero. He quotes Abraham Lincoln in Chapter 7 as follows: “Without the assistance of a divine being, I cannot succeed. With that assistance, I cannot fail.” On the surface, a hero may look like every other person, but what is hidden inside transforms him into something far more. Today and every day that follows, see yourself in a different light. Instead of saying, “it might happen.” You can declare: “I am determined! Nothing will stop me from victory!!” This is not about being fuelled with pride and arrogance, rather it is being confident in the ability that God has given you – and moving forward in that calling even though the world may not yet recognise the fact. In your father’s sight, you are a hero.

Book Evaluation

Stylistically speaking, the book is in the passes for a masterpiece. For example, author’s diction is simple, and he includes quotes in each chapter to radiate striking messages and enhance understanding. What’s more, Mushegan makes generous use of Biblical as well as literary/classical allusions to ensure notional conviction and analytical amplification. As regards visual aesthetics, the text is an embodiment of success. The cover is glossy and fascinating while the inside pages are well laid out. However, it would have been better if Chapters 4 and 11 are harmonised, as well as Chapters 7 and 11.

Do you want to transform your living state from the podium of zero to the rostrum of a hero? Then this compendium of success tips is the answer to your desire. It is simply a must-read.


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